What do you believe tonight? What are you believing for 2012?

We are hours away from entering a brand new year and I would like to take this opportunity to pose such a question, or questions?

Many people have spent the last few days, perhaps longer for some, reflection on the year past, and looking to the year to come. I’ve heard many confess, “2012 is going to be a great year,” but I couldn’t help hear the uncertainty in those particular voices.

The truth is there is a certain degree of uncertainty in life, and sometimes the unexpected happens, but ( and let this be a big but) we must believe the best. It’s good to speak great things over our family, relationships, businesses and even over our own lives.

Make a plan, if you haven’t already, to enter 2012 believing for somethings.

Write down where you see your business, career, relationship in 2012.

Be specific, and have a little faith that no matter the uncertainty of what next year will bring; we will go after a few things, and believe!

Happy New Year folks!


There is lots of things in life that have the potential to hault our progress and success at whatever we might be doing in life.

There is a fear of not believing we are good enough to do a particular job, or succeed in that special relationship.

There are some who fear that if we are not obsessing over our food, we’ll gain two pounds and the world will end (please consider all of these suggestions in the appropriate context).

Fear comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes; and all are toxic to our being. It has the potential to kill a dream, relationship, business and it paralyzes our progress: If we let it.

I suggest we don’t. Choose to go enter this new year with courage, boldness and refuse to be taken down by fear. Sometimes situations in life may look scary, but sometimes they require us to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Like the good old writer Ambrose Redmoon once said; “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

Choose to be bold, and very courageous in 2012.


“No pain, no gain!”

At least that’s what the instructor tells me during a thirty minute spin class, but on the other hand have to wonder when after ten minutes I am ready to fall into a huge heap at the bottom of the bike.  What was I expecting after 4 months of no excercise?

Like most things in life, growth and moving forward is a process.

When we have a dream, or goal to do something in life we must understand that there is also a process; and steps that need to be taken on the road to where we are going.

Like the other old saying goes; “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

When we embrace this truth, we won’t lose heart so easily when that dream or goal faces set backs because we understand that to achieve anything great in life there is a process.

Be encouraged if your facing a set back with a dream, and consider this thought:

“Your set back could be the springboard that pushes you forward.

One thing

I have two words crafted on one of my wall at home;


The key to success, I believe, is not found in quantity, but in quality.

The way that quality is quantified will vary from person to business, but the principle remains the same.

Take coca-cola for example: Through the perfection of one drink, back in 1889. Coke has grown to be one of the top successful brands in the world.

Are we too busy?

There is a danger of being too busy in life that doesn’t just affect our personal lives, but often spills out into many businesses and projects.

The demands of multi tasking and juggling different areas of life have become a far greater challenge than ever before; and the scary part of it all is this growing fear that if we’re not running ourselves into the ground we’ll miss something.

Where did this thinking come from?

The danger of being busy should not be confused with productivity. The danger of being busy is the danger of being occupied in the wrong chase. If we’re over worked, stressed out and aiming to best at everything we won’t just deteriorate our health, but limit our effectiveness.

The solution: Embrace margin in life, don’t fear it. Gaining right perspective will sustain you in your journey, dream, business, or relationship.

Boxing day sale

The Boxing day sale is hypothetically the biggest sale of the year in retail, or at least it used to be.

This is the sale that pulled many families out from their Christmas Day celebrations, from as early as 6am this morning.

It seems the tradition for many has continued to prove itself, very much alive this year; even in the mist of a ‘recession.’

But how much of that sold in a sale is really down to the value of the product, and not the brightly labeled tag that draws you into a thought process of; I must have, can’t live without?

In the end, it’s the consumer who looses out. How many of us obtain a generous amount of spending money for Christmas, and how many of those people blow over half, if not more a day later?

Two days prior to Christmas Eve, I saw the black ruffled collar coat hanging ever so beautifully on the rail of Zara. Supposed to be on last min spree of Christmas shopping, the £80 distraction was just causing me great pain; and despite exhausting all efforts to resist. I failed so miserably that my generous parent decided to purchase me the coat for Christmas much to my surprise, and delight.

You can imagine how short-lived that delight lasted when I woke this morning to discover -£20 off the RP that stood valid a mere 36 hours previous.

The truth is, my new coat was a popular choice, and the last in its size with the Glasgow area anyway. But here’s my point.

It was the last in its size!

Before you know it there will be a new product, style and trend begging for our attention, screaming, ‘you must have; buy this’ all over again.

It’s Christmas!

In the famous words of noddy fielding, yes; ‘It’s Christmas!’ what do u associate with Christmas?

Christmas tree with lots of lights
Log fires
Christmas dinner with the family


For many, yes this is Christmas; but what about the rest? Those without their loved ones, those in less fortunate circumstances? Let’s spare a thought for them today, and if it’s within your power why not invite them to dinner, send a message reach out and share the festive spirit so many of us are blessed to have; but not everyone is fortunate to have this year: December 2011.

Being a success in life isn’t about how much you have, but rather how much you can give away, help others, to lend a helping hand. The gifts, ideas and skills you have will lend to better use when you put purpose on them, cause and effect.

We become successful when another life is touched, enriched and lifted because we did something of matter.

I extend this challenge not only to anyone reading this, but to myself.

Today I was taught another important lesson that not only does the gift make way for the giver, but it is impossible to out give a generous spirit.

Happy holidays everyone!