New Google bar features new design, search and plus tools.

This is a snapshot look at Google’s new navigation bar, which will appear at the top of the browser window, like so ;

The new design is all part of Google’s plan to improve the look and feel of Google products, including Search, News, Maps, Gmail, Translate and a whole lot more.

The idea behind the change was to improve user experience, and create a simple and more attractive appearance. Has Google achieved this? I think so. I love the new drop down links menu at the top left side of the screen. It looks neat, brings everything I need to one central menu and just looks much fresher than the old design.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I do find it simpler to use and easy to navigate with everything in one place. The bright coloured icons and list format assures me that everything I need is right there, and within easy reach. I don’t need to go searching for Google+ anymore either! It’s one click away, situated at the top right hand corner of my screen.

I like the clean cut feel Google. Thumbs up from me!

What do you think?

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