The importance of margin

I love the definition of margin, in its noun form, which says; “the space around the printed or written matter on a page.” Other common words used in this context are: boundary, limits, perimeter, scope, room to maneuver, or space. However; for today I would like to use the word margin. I wonder what you consider the definition of margin to be, and if atContinue reading “The importance of margin”

The importance of choosing a niche

Is picking a niche important when it comes to social media marketing? I think so. There is only so many hours we have in a day, and whatever business we’re in. Whether you participate in a social media campaign yet, or not. There are psychical restrictions on what one person can do. You don’t need toContinue reading “The importance of choosing a niche”

We are a product of our thoughts.

If we think small, we’ll achieve small. If we think big, we achieve big. Sounds simple, right. Yet, even in the knowledge that this is true, we can still find ourselves going in a direction that we really don’t want to be heading in, or getting into situations that cause a stir and send outContinue reading “We are a product of our thoughts.”

Learn, Change and Adapt.

Inspired by Mark Hendrickson’s post-mortem of Plancast I thought I’d share with you three steps to take once you’ve failed. 1.Learn 2.Change 3.Adapt It’s what the marines do, and it’s what any great leader does. The truth is in business there is risk, and without it; well there is no business. At least not oneContinue reading “Learn, Change and Adapt.”

How to be a better salesperson in 2012

Here are a three simple, yet effective ideas that will help you sell better in 2012. As the online world continues to grow, change and adapt, culture and the way we communicate with the world around us is also changing. People are through with cold call selling, or being pushed around by businesses with theContinue reading “How to be a better salesperson in 2012”