The Gardener knows…

Have you ever watched the process of a gardener as he plants his seed? The gardener understands that in order for a seed to produce a harvest, it must first grow down, before it shoots up. This is the picture of what a dream looks like, and in fact this can be applied to manyContinue reading “The Gardener knows…”

Having big hope and big faith requires more than our emotions

Isn’t it funny how we can have the best of days, and the toughest days all at the same time? Every day is a battle right now, and I would like to be real enough to say that tonight my emotions are not in the mood. I talk about believing, having faith, and thinking positiveContinue reading “Having big hope and big faith requires more than our emotions”

Taking time to avoid burning out.

I don’t know about you, or where you sit in life, but the world I see seems to have gone on this speedy travelator that people find hard to stop. Caught in a trap of never being satisfied, always comparing themselves to others, and disconcertingly transforming ourselves into digital avatars; and at the same time loosing touch withContinue reading “Taking time to avoid burning out.”

Who do you say you are?

If you were to sum yourself, or your business up in three words what words would you choose? Discovering our identity, and purpose in life are the two most commonly searched for answers; by everyone. These are what I call, the big two, and they are: 1. Who do you say you I am? 2. WhatContinue reading “Who do you say you are?”

People don’t have journals anymore, they have profiles

For anyone who says they don’t journal, I beg to differ. Over 800 billion people are active on Facebook, over 90 million users on Google+, which I imagine has taken a sharp rise since the announcement, Search Your World was made by Google, back in January; and lets not forget Twitters big news this week,Continue reading “People don’t have journals anymore, they have profiles”

Chocolate Souffle

Below is a picture of the beautifully presented dessert served up by my local Chinese resturant, not so long ago, labelled on the menu as Chocolate Souffle. If you’re a wordsmith then you will have noticed the deliberate typo in today’s title to co-inside with today’s story. Souffle, and soufflé (which I can presume was theContinue reading “Chocolate Souffle”

The Opportune Moment

The opportune moment are those moments in time that require a decision to be taken, or a choice to be made that could very well be the defining factor to that particular part of the journey you are on. Literally, you could apply this to any area. We’ve all had defining moments before, from theContinue reading “The Opportune Moment”

Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.

Being knowledgable in an area, or skill is only the first step to gaining success, or significance within that field. Anyone can bluff their way round a topic, and get by with reading a few articles here and there, and taking it as their own. It may sound good, and many will be happy toContinue reading “Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.”

The Myths of Social Media

Myth 1: Having a Facebook page, does not guarantee you ROI on your social strategy. Especially if off screen you can’t even be bothered to talk to the potential customers standing in front of you  – who by the way live less than two minutes from your shop. (This  post comes out of frustration, afterContinue reading “The Myths of Social Media”