The Google Chase.

I’m getting a little tired of hearing the selected few of so-called ‘professionals’ struggling to make the switch between Social and SEO. Social is a completely different ball game. This regimented way of thinking that it’s all about the rankings and ‘giving Google what it wants’ is from my perspective foolish. It’s so much more.

It may be a bold statement to make, but I solidly believe that social requires a whole new way of thinking. It can’t just be about the rankings anymore, it’s about the end user remember? We’re moving from the 3D generation, and into the 4D era. The pitch you were using way back when just doesn’t cut it any more I’m afraid.

Chasing Google is not the answer to selling more products, although having a presence and optimizing your site is imperative, don’t get me wrong. Rather, I’m addressing the attitude that shows a complete disregard for social and it’s true ROI, which are people! Some people are missing this exact point, and buying into the chocolate covered apple. Appearances can be deceiving. Make sure if you are going to work with someone outside your company that they are fluent in social.

Getting on the front page of Google means diddly squat if your product or service isn’t remarkably good, or remarkably cheap.

If you really care about the end user, then sure I can work with you on ‘giving Google what it wants,’ and talk through social signals, and share value with you.

However, I also believe that if you get the ducks in the right order, the water will part.

Have you ever noticed that when a flock of birds fly together they form a V shape? The V formation as it’s commonly known, allows the birds to lighten their load in flight by sharing weight, reducing induced drag, which in turn increases flight efficiency especially over long journeys.

There is a massive merge happening in the world of on line marketing. SEO and Social will continue to merge through-out this year, and if you don’t want to miss the boat… Make sure you are on top of the water, not under it.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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