A simple social media recipe for every business

It’s lunchtime, and I can smell the beautiful aroma of home made soup brewing in the kitchen, next to my office. The beauty of this smell is that I recognize it from last week’s menu. It’s ham and lentil, made from homegrown vegetables, marinated with ham on the bone – My favourite.

There is something special when the cook uses ham on the bone, as apposed to something pre-packed, and mass produced. I believe the traditional ham hock adds a substance of value, flavour, and sustainability to the soup recipe that makes a meal well worth buying.

Taking the key elements of this story, I wonder what you would find to be at the core of your social media strategy as you think about the key ingredients you have chosen to bind it together.

Here are three essential questions to consider when evaluating your marketing plan:

  1. Are you adding value to the end consumer?
  2. Do you bring a distinct flavour that sets you apart from the crowd?
  3. Are you sustainable within your market?

There is plenty of exposure, and press on the importance of social media, but what sets a Tesco value meal apart from Tesco’s finest, is substance and quality.

We need more than a social media presence to stand the test of time. We need a sustainable strategy that doesn’t just look to be outsourced (mass produced), but one that puts social at the core.

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Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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