Three useful apps that every business should have

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on my iPhone, and today I thought I’d share with you a rundown of my top three useful apps at the moment.

1. Instagram – This is the app that most of us may have heard of, and is also a personal favourite of ours. The photo sharing network allows you to take your favourite snaps, and apply them against a range of digital filters, to give them a different look; and make them look extra pretty. The app, originally released on Apple’s App store, has recently expanded into the Android market, where it hit over a 1 million Android users within 24 hours! The app does more than make your pictures look pretty too. With Instagram you can connect, and share with your friends from Facebook, Twitter, Email and Phone contacts, and basically anyone with an Instagram account. There is room to like, comment on each photo, and share with the rest of your friends on other networks.

2. Evernote – This takes notepad to a whole new level. I find Evernote is great for capturing those random pieces of information. When all I need is to record a phone number, the URL of a website, a photo, or a quote from a very long article; Evernote is a great way to capture, store and organise those random pieces of paper you have dotted around your desk, home, or car. And the best part of all is, you can access them from any smart phone, or computer.

3. Flipboard – Is an aggregation service that serves up current, and relevant information from across several social networking platforms, and websites. This is a sleek, and effective way to view social content from various places, and condense them into one. The magazine format adds to this streamline interface, which allows you to flick through your social content at your own pace. I particularly love the ability it has to re-tweet, respond and share directly to my linked profile. Although the choice of platforms are currently limited, all the main ones are there (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google reader). It is limited to download on Apple devices only, at the moment, however; I imagine this is something they will be expanding on in the near future.

The great thing about all three apps, is that they can help your business run smoother, and more effective regardless of the industry, or background you find yourself in. They are free, user-friendly, and most of all a great way to stay organised, relevant, and up-to-date with what’s going on in the sphere of social, and beyond.



The power to share

Never underestimate the power of one tweet!

Like any relationship, our response and actions within certain situations can have a positive, or negative effect. In world of social media this does not change; excluding the level of exposure, of course.

As scary, and as dangerous as this may seem too many, we must not lose our nerve and shy away from fear of exposure.

We should not worry about gaining a negative response from a comment, post, or plug made (within reason). Instead, I would suggest it is far more important to understand, know and respond well in these events. Always make sure you that when you do respond, respond in a manner that is appropriate, firm and professional.

The power of sharing is much more than simply the share of information. It has the potential to go the extra mile when building relationships; to share experiences both bad, and good. Building something of greater strength, and value – a friend for life.

Time and Value

Two very important things, and yet there are times when we seem to misplace these very expensive assets. Whether we lose them through our actions, or circumstances, we cannot afford to ignore what they are, and what they mean for our life, business, project, or relationship. Failing to weigh up the cost of time, and value can have serious consequences. Evaluate what these words mean to your business, change them if need be, but whatever you do; Make sure you include them in life and activity. Keep them right at the front, and do not digress.

Remember this…

The  video below carries an important message that I encourage you to watch, whether you have seen this before, or not. No matter what your dream is, or whatever stage this finds you. Building a business, or your ideal career; This video reminds us that dreams can take as long as 45 years to come into reality.

I encourage you to watch this again, even if you’ve seen SuBo before. Let these words, and ideas stir you up, whether business is slow, or opportunities seem lost. Keep the dream in front, keep the goal in front, and go after it.

The reality is great dreams require time to build, grow and become a reality. If you are building business with the view of becoming a highly successful business leader tomorrow, then you will only discourage yourself when that doesn’t happen. Instead, have the view that one day this dream will become a reality, and remind yourself each day of the bigger picture as you carry out the goals required to get you there.

“My Success is determined by my daily agenda.” John Maxwell.

How long is a piece of string?

Traveling through the world of journalism, digital media, and publishing I have come across several guidelines, opinions and commentary on how long an article, feature, news piece, vox pop, blog, web content, and book should be.

I’ve even asked the question to those who have gone before me, and the conclusion I have finally reached in all of these areas are; as long as you want.

However; in certainly areas, as long as you want must take into consideration the end user, reader, or listener.

If you can sum up a story in one sentence, then why not use just one line to say it. If I learnt one thing in my degree it would be this; write what you have to say, and cut the fat.