Juggling the demands of time, in life.

Have you ever wished you had more hours in a day? Or looked at someone like Richard Branson, or your next door neighbour – who lives a completely different life to you, and wished… If only!

Well don’t! That comparison game is a web you do not want to get caught up in. And just because joe blogs esquire over there can juggle a million catrillion things in life, doesn’t mean you need to! Oh, and it’s not to say that you couldn’t do it. Who would I be to say that you couldn’t. However; the question I would suggest you ask is… Where does this fit into my purpose?

When we know, and at the very least, semi understand our purpose we will accomplish a satisfying result in whatever we put our hand too.

N.B. Providing that whatever we put our hand to, is in line with our purpose. Let me be clear on that as I know myself all too well, but to skip over that last section like a sweet row of teapots… ‘Aw that’s lovely. How nice’.

For what I can only put down to culture, or self. I have watched countless number of people spending so much time at work, all night online, and running on nothing, but coffee fuel for the first half of the day. All this has led me to wonder at some point, how do they do it? Is this something I really want to be getting into?

To be really honest, no. I didn’t. Shock horror, I can even feel the deep breathe drawing from within me.

What I failed to realise was that it’s OK to not want to be someone else, or to be doing what they are doing. It is completely OK to have to take a strange route in my career because for me, maybe it had to be that way. Let’s not short change our own individual unique experiences. Let’s not short change our businesses, or teams either.

The internet is a fast moving horse – one only needs to blink, and you could miss something, but why spend the rest of our lives glued to a screen, when you have an opportunity to work, and live.

The reality is, we all have twenty-four hours in a day, seven days a week. We’re not all Presidents, and pop stars, but we are just as valuable, and the one thing we all have in common, is time.

Culture has taught us so many screwed up theories that many of us end up wasting time, instead of enjoying it. To say that you are just ‘killing time’ is one of my pet hates.

And my point is… I’m getting there. Bare with me…

Whatever you find to be your purpose to be. Whether raising kids, building a business, studying at university, being a friend, a wife, a husband, a daughter, or son. Whatever the hats of life are for you, (and there can be multiple) we just need to make sure that we the take time to enjoy each, and every one of them. 

There will always be periods of complete craziness, (for some more than others). Still, instead of looking down on someone else, comparing or judging – We really ought to learn to appreciate the time we have, and gain some perspective. For instance; when we lose our job, we are actually gaining an opportunity to change gears, step it up a level, or move into another lane – formulating a new plan. Am I saying we don’t have bills to pay, of course not. I believe that to juggle the demands of time successfully, we must:

1. Make time, and gain perspective

2. Learn when, and where to share the load

3. Know your purpose, and list your non-negotiable’s


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Fashion Thursday

I came up with this name a second ago, but the idea of a post relating to social media, and fashion is something I’ve been meaning to share for at least a week now.

The thing is… Life has taken a few bumps, tumbles, and falls over the last week; as we all know it does. I’ve been working frantically on the buildup of a very exciting project, and juggling the unforeseens of life.

Anyway; Social Media, and Fashion.

Gosh, I feel like bursting into song, or poetry. “Social media, and Fashion. And never the two shall meet!” Well, that would be an incorrect sentence because they do. They do meet. In fact, they were introduced way before most of us understood what Twitter was, and Facebook; if you were a late booker like me.

2006: I held on to Bebo so tight, I’m surprised my screen didn’t crack, as I literally refused the flooding emails of, join your friend JOE BLOGS on Facebook. As if by putting their name in capitals would make me want to switch!

A similar resemblance to the stomp my feet, gut feeling that no I will not be caught injured in those army male like.. shoes!

Approximately a week later: “Yes, so I was thinking I’d quite like to purchase a pair of those army style boots? In Chocolate Brown?” I casually slip into conversation with a girlfriend, who I am about to go shopping with.

But, that’s what we do, right? Well most of us anyway. To bring this back to my point that social media and fashion work hand in hand. I thought I’d illustrate, by using one of my old posts three useful apps that every business should have.

I still love these apps, I’ve blogged about them, and recommended them highly to anyone who reads, or has an interest in social media. Yet, I am also aware that as fleeting as a fashion accessory, perhaps boots was not the best example. So are the fleeting popularity of social media apps.

Do I really need another Twitter app??

I guess it comes down to personal preference really, but just like in the world of clothing there will be items of fashion that will never disappear, such as the black dress, and white collared shirt. There are some platforms that I believe are fundamental to most businesses, and that is:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ (It’s a Google world these days. I’m not quite sure how we’d cope if they ever shut down – Go back to snail mail, I guess).
  • YouTube

The rest, are down to personal preference, and industry dependent.

Just like the catwalks of London, Paris, New York, and Milan; who work vigorously to influence our spring,summer, autumn, and winter wardrobe buys. We, as marketers, business people, and right down to the individual job hunter must succeed at making the right impression with a well-thought through, strategic marketing plan that INCLUDES some form of Social Media Marketing. Assessed seasonally.

Have you thought about your summer approach yet? Do you know what’s trending at the moment?

If not, and you’d like to discuss more. Please feel free to drop me a line at thebrandadvocate@gmail.com, or connect with me on Twitter here.

What’s the commodity?

For over a year now, we’ve been labeling newspapers, and magazines as a commodity. As the marketplace for newspapers, and magazines dries up, and the way in which we deliver news has changed. I have to wonder what the commodity really is? Is it the material used to print newspapers, or is it the way in which news is delivered; or both!

The Washington post has been reported to be down 8% in revenue in the first quarter of 2012. Print advertising was also recorded to have taken a 17% loss, and the companies digital advertising dropping 7%. Although these numbers are shocking, and concerning for those involved. It was the 7% loss in digital advertising that caught my attention…

The idea, or solution to falling readership from digital experts was to think outside the box, and rather obviously transfer your usual printed stories to some form of digital media. Many did just that, and opted for the social reader application that would allow stories to be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Is this working? Certainly from the Washington post perspective, it’s not looking great. Their first recordings of figures in this market showed a healthy 14 million monthly average users, which rose within three days to over 17 million. However, figures collected by AppData.com reported the number of monthly average users had fallen to under 10 million yesterday.

Whether these fluctuating numbers flow out of a shift in materials, and will sort itself out, or not. I can’t help, but wonder what the commodity really is? There are endless amounts of information, and choice made available to us today.

Is this just another nail in the box of mass media, mass marketing, mass anything?  What do you think? Join the conversation here.