Two core principles of social media for your business

We don’t expect a guy or girl to just jump straight into marriage, (at least most of us don’t) do we? So why would we then, expect anything different when it comes to business and more importantly social media.

Consumers connect with brands they trust, love and enjoy – There is just way too many options out there in the cyberspace of choice.

So what should be our priorities then? Making sure we are on Facebook? Making sure we tweet twenty times a day?

Regular tweeting is good, I believe. However; ultimately I believe the ‘quality over quantity’ principle plays a crucial part.

Build relationship first, and loyalty will follow.

Now, you could argue that given the vast number of options we have to choose from today that this could be an ambitious statement. That surely it’s impossible to keep a group of customers for more than 64 years, (yes this was actually achieved by some of the long standing companies) which is almost the span of a person’s life – In this day and age.

I believe it is possible. At least to reach beyond the ‘average’ and succeed more than… If you think I’m crazy then, I will save this post and dig it back out on the day this statement comes to fruition. It just requires wisdom, skill and a little faith.

Like with any lasting relationship, loyalty is a quality that is grown over time. If you can provide a reliable solution that solves the consumers problem, and have the right marketing mix then, why not.

A customer will respect a brand, client, or product that carries integrity, consistently.

What I will say though, is that it is much easier to throw out unopened magazines and email these days; and that is why we must be willing to put in the hard yards at the beginning – And build relationship first.


Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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