Start Small, Think Big

So in the interest of sharing, helping and learning myself I thought I’d share my early morning doodle, in preparation for the week ahead. I honestly believe that if you don’t already think like this, then this will add great value to you; And if you do, well there’s no harm in being reminded, andContinue reading “Start Small, Think Big”

Improve your growth strategy and business development plan with three gold nuggets

If I had to choose one word, it would be GROWTH A business who stays the same year in year out and refused to change with the times, misses out on reaching their full potential because they never dared to step out and see what would happen if they… So here’s a few points thatContinue reading “Improve your growth strategy and business development plan with three gold nuggets”

Experience is better than inspiration

As fresh as this lesson is I decided to share and add value to the blog that I have now been committed too for over eight months and one hundred and nineteen posts later (one hundred and twenty if you count this one) – It may not be a long time, concerning this blog, butContinue reading “Experience is better than inspiration”

Don’t settle for less!

Well I am losing count of the number of cafes, and local businesses I have seen open up shop and a few months later they’re gone; and truth be told it makes me sad! In some respects I think the marketing and technology world combined is to blame for distracting the consumer away from aContinue reading “Don’t settle for less!”