Surfing for content

Picture supplied by the National Archives and Records Administration.   How do you surf content when there is so much of it going around? With social bookmarking websites like Digg, and Redit losing ground, where are we ‘the consumer’ looking for information?   Are we looking to flasher, more socially adapt aggregator apps like Flipboard,Continue reading “Surfing for content”

Start lean, and keep them keen.

This should be the statement and attitude of all start-up business. Borrowing money, paying for leads, paying to sit and have a coffee with someone may work and be beneficial for some; however, to me this makes no sense at all. Surely we ‘business owners’ want to be adding value and not subtracting it; andContinue reading “Start lean, and keep them keen.”

An idea to improve your social influence

Simply posting on timeline what you had for dinner, or items of clothing that you wish to buy are all great if you wish to do so, on your own personal profile.¬†However, the same principles that you use when posting on your personal profile do not apply when posting from a Facebook page; or throughContinue reading “An idea to improve your social influence”

Hope v Faith

Two interesting words, with to very different meanings. To hope is to be hopeful – To be hopeful that from a particular situation, event or relationship we or the thing that is hoped for will produce a desired result. To have faith is to believe without having a full understanding or tangible sense that somethingContinue reading “Hope v Faith”