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Surfing Along Malibu Beach, California. 10/1972

Picture supplied by the National Archives and Records Administration.


How do you surf content when there is so much of it going around? With social bookmarking websites like Digg, and Redit losing ground, where are we ‘the consumer’ looking for information?


Are we looking to flasher, more socially adapt aggregator apps like Flipboard, Hootsuite, Timeline and Twitter for content of interest.
Brian Solis, a fellow social media expert is famously known for the following statement, ‘News no longer breaks, it tweets,’ and this is true. However; what if I’m not looking for the latest news story; but the top trending outfits, or some true life story like the kind of articles you get in a woman’s glossy magazine (i.e. Marie Claire, Company and so forth).


And how do we make our decisions about where to shop online when there are thousands of online shops to choose from? Do we take them largely from the recommendations of friends and family – like Facebook tell us, or do we venture out and find new shops to shop in, new books to read, and new photographs to like?


I’d love to hear how you go about finding the content that interests you?


  For example, I am a huge Marie Claire fan, but I very rarely buy their magazine for multiple reasons, at the moment. Still, I enjoy reading their articles and in a moment I decided to look for something interesting, I found myself overwhelmed by choice.


  Looking to my iPhone and flicking through my apps, it seemed Flipboard was the obvious choice. It’s neat display, magazine style app is easy to share and combine with several of my key social networks allowing me to stay in touch with various magazines, blogs and networks at any one time – This is great, but it is only one app. Have you found others?


  How do you locate interesting content? Do you have to do anything at all, or do you find it’s all laid out in front of you via Timeline, and other newsfeeds?


  Leave your thoughts below, or on @leemac85

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