Rise to the top

I make mistakes; I fall. I get up, and I make more mistakes again the next day. It’s called life. When people say I live to learn, or I learn to live – they are both true. Then, one day, I get up and I all those trips to the kirb make me bounce higherContinue reading “Rise to the top”

Why I love Pocket.

I’ve recently discovered a new app that has made saving webpages of interest 100 times easier to keep tabs on. What app, do I hear you say? No, it’s not WhatsApp. It’s a little magic gem called Pocket. Pocket is a fairly new app that allows you to save an article, or page of interestContinue reading “Why I love Pocket.”

Two important standards for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur I have faced and continue to face many challenges in life. Solving problems, is one of the areas I thrive in regardless to whether those problems are successfully solved, or not. Here are a few thoughts and challenges that help me in times when a desired outcome seems uncertain… What standard haveContinue reading “Two important standards for Entrepreneurs”

River Island: Guilty before charged.

Picture supplied by vivido of Flickr. Before publishing this post, I swayed in the direction I would take this post’ 1. From the frustrated shopper who had just experienced another disappointing service from retailer, River Island. 2. Taking the objective point of few, sympathizing with retailers who, perhaps have been under the same economy pressureContinue reading “River Island: Guilty before charged.”