Mission Possible

What if you could achieve the impossible? What would that be for you? I love the fact that Felix Baumgartner from Austria broke the record for the highest jump – from the edge of the earth, and broke the speed of sound barrier on his way down. I’m sure there were many thousands of peopleContinue reading “Mission Possible”

The power of choice

Watch this powerful music video by Rudimental. It’s a powerful and moving story of how our choices can lead us on two very different paths. Which leads me to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you start in life, it matters how you finish. Every day we make choices that affect our tomorrow, whichContinue reading “The power of choice”

Just because we can…

I’m not sure if many of you reading this, know me other than the writer behind The Social Exchange, or the chick who writes a bunch of posts on business, social media and leadership? If anyone doesn’t know me at all and interested in finding out more about how it changed my life; you canContinue reading “Just because we can…”

Cake in a Jar

I had a completely different blog planned for The Social Exchange this week. However, I decided to write about something off the cuff, so be prepared. This is a little bit of a brain dump post. Today, I decided to write about this: CAKE IN A JAR! There’s nothing special about this except maybe thatContinue reading “Cake in a Jar”