Mission Possible

What if you could achieve the impossible? What would that be for you? I love the fact that Felix Baumgartner from Austria broke the record for the highest jump – from the edge of the earth, and broke the speed of sound barrier on his way down.

I’m sure there were many thousands of people who said this wasn’t possible, but Felix and his team dared to believe it was, and the pursued it.

You may not have such extreme dreams, (if there is such a thing) but I do believe as Walt Disney once said, ‘the proof of the desire is in the pursuit.”

So let’s explore this for a second. In order for Flexi, and the team to achieve this dream, there was a list of requirements set:

Seven Years worth of time, mental preparation, finance investment, planning, testing and all before executing.

As he mentions halfway through this interview, ‘they had a plan and they stuck to it.’ He went on to explain how they had a list of what if’s that when he reached the edge of space, if anything was to pop up that wasn’t in their plan, the jump would be aborted. They thought of everything, from the second the parachute would be released, and had a purpose for every decision made.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it surprises me just how many people fail to set a plan in place, even though I myself have not yet achieved the goals I have set for my own life – This I do know. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to hit the target. That is what Felix and his team did; and that is why they managed to achieve their desired outcome.

In the interview below, Felix was asked what went through his mind when he reached the top and was about to jump. He said he became humble adding; “Sometimes you have to go up high, to understand how small you really are.”

You don’t even need to go to the edge of space to get this revelation. I got this revelation as I left on my own for New York, for the first time. Although, there is a certain profoundness that is added to such revelation when it comes from a man who’s just jumped 128k from space.

If I do nothing back make you think today, then I’ve done this post justice. I hope you will do something good with this encouragement, and I hope that you can see that if you are a person, ‘who doesn’t see the point in making plans’ then you already did, ‘you made a plan to fail.’

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