Merry Christmas!!!!

Like the title says, Merry Christmas everybody!!

Thank you for following this blog in 2012. Not only are we celebrating Christmas at The Social Exchange, but it’s our first birthday too!!

What a  year it has been. This year I have left one job, started a business, got serious about finishing my novel and became a proud winner of Creative Pioneers 2012 for my business idea Tailor Made Social. There are many highlights to this year, along with many challenges, however; I am so excited for the new year and all the super news to come.

Just before I go I wanted to share with you one little lesson I’ve learnt this year that has made the closing of 2012 extra special, and that is: Never quit in a dip.

Well that’s all folks from The Social Exchange in 2012!! Look forward to sharing more with you next year on some incredible things that are about  to take place. Wishing you a verry Merry Christmas!!!!

Flying high?

Love this song. Have you noticed that life is a playground of lessons? I wonder how often we stop to open our eyes to the possibility of learning from strangest of places?

How many stop to listen to the messages carried in, for example, song…

…or read a book that’s outside their norm.

…or attend a seminar, church service, or consider the possibility of a blog post such as this; or this.

Opportunities come to those who are ready, so I guess the question I am posing to both you, and myself today is: Where are you flying too? Everyone’s flying somewhere.

Our decisions are taking us on a path. They determine the steps that we take every day, and so it is with good heart today that I wish you well and hope for you that you are flying in the right direction.