When the storm hits

I love taking stories and messages that help me, and will hopefully help other people, from ideas and experiences like the one I’m about to share with you.

What do you do when the storm hits? Have you ever experienced a storm in your life, when all hell feels like it’s breaking lose and you just don’t know what’s going on, but you do everything you know to do to stay upbeat and positive without really knowing the outcome?

Many struggling businesses during the recession, I would imagine, would have felt the concerns and heavy weight upon their shoulders in many ways – much like the force of gale force winds in stormy weather.

*N.B A storm is created when the low pressure, meets the high pressure – it is the combination of both opposing forces that forms it’s shape.

A storm is never brewed from just one factor, in fact there are often many. So what should we take away in light of all of this that will help stay afloat next time the boat rocks?

Presuming that you are in a boat, (the boat being your ideas, beliefs  and value system that keep you floating above sea level) the first thing you must do is;

1. Prepare for sail – I’m not a sailor, but I do understand that you need to get some resistance going to provide enough stability, to steer through the storm.

Don’t put of what you can do today. Preparation is key in every season. Imagine walking into winter with your swimming trucks, or bikini on… you’d freeze! Or walking into summer with your UGG boats, five jackets and three hats! Ok, if you were Scottish you might still wear this, but generally two jackets would be sufficient. Joke.

I do hope you are getting the picture though…

Not only is there a timing and season, but there is are a number requirements within our business that we must be aware of, and prepare for ahead of time to avoid paying a higher cost (i.e. your tax return would be a perfect example here).

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Being a light

Being a light to the world requires action, requires energy, requires substance.

I could go on, and probably will in posts to come; however, today I thought I’d like this cool little fella share a word that if you press play will surely speak to you. Now it’s great to be inspired and encouraged, but go do something with it.

‘Create something that will make the world awesome!’ Are you doing so already? Well what can you change, what can you do to make your team, company, life, relationship better? Remember what is great today, will be good tomorrow if you let things go and don’t continue to invest in staying fresh.


You are what you eat.

No this isn’t about food, but hopefully it will provide some good nutrition to your life.

The idea of you are what you eat, also stems from you are what you think, you are what you believe. What you say about you, and your company and your role has more impact on the reality of your circumstances more than you know.

Now I’m not saying to become crazy about everything you say, and think, but I am saying we must be aware of it and just as too much junk food is bad for the human body. Too much junk thinking and speaking is bad for life on a whole.

It’s worth nothing that change always starts with you. It always starts on the inside too. Yes, that remains true even when you don’t like your boss because they’re being mean to you, or you feel mistreated by someone, or life. The hard knocks are a guaranteed. Life is a journey full of bumps, bends and turns, but the decision to stay on course is ours and ours alone. You can choose to be affected and consumed by the ‘junk’ that’s in front of you right now, or you can decide to eat differently even if that means holding your tongue, or waiting for a set time to ensure you are feeding yourself good food.

Bit of a brain dump today, but hopefully I’ve at least got you thinking. It’s much more positive and healthy for your body to speak well of things, than to constantly be complaining and moaning. Decide to change your outward appearance today, by changing your inward appearance first.

You are a reflection on the outside, of who you are inside.

What does your environment say about you?

Today’s observation is again extracted from a personal experience. Two words:




It astounds me how quickly we absorb the culture around us. Culture in our work place, in our peer group. We become who we are around.

Now this is not a newsflash to me, but knowing and understanding something are two very different things. To be honest, we need both to be successful.

Have you listened to those around you? There are certain buzz words that your peer group use that if someone, or a few from that group say them long enough, they become ingrained through-out that particular circle.

So if you want to know where your heading today in life. Stop and listen to the words, phrases and actions of your friends, colleagues and teammates.

Like what you hear? Don’t like what you hear? Do something to change it today. It’s not personal if you discover you need to make some changes to your environment. If you want to be an eagle, you can’t hang around with the chickens. If you want to speak French, you don’t go to Germany.

There is no shame in either, it’s simply a matter of choice to be who you are created to be.

To coin the phrase of a good friend; if we want to think outside of the box, we must first know where the box is.

Know who you are, be very careful what you listen to and what you say, and keep believing. A simple, but effective recipe.

Happy Burns Night to all my fellow Scots. 

Have a great weekend folks!


What does your walk say about you?

Inspired on way to work this morning, I saw a guy with a black jacket and swagger like he was fresh out the hood that just happened to catch my attention. And that got me thinking…

What does our walk say about us? Not just your psychical walk, although that does share something about where you’ve been.

In psychology they say body language is 80% non verbal.

So what about your life, your business, your relationship?

How do these areas affect your walk in life? And how do you choose to walk?

Do you walk with confidence? Do you walk in faith believing that the best is yet to come and you have the power to change whatever needs changing, or the power to be thankful for what you’ve got on the way to where you’re going?

Not everything in life needs changed btw – which is Scottish for by the way.

Maybe you should stay and work at that marriage instead of chucking it in the bin at the first sign of work. It doesn’t have to be marriage either, it could be any relationship or business. Yet, for some chucking it may be the key adverb. Life is not a dress rehearsal. As Michael Jackson would have said; THIS IS IT.

The truth is, and this is a true reflection on my belief, and my thoughts today that in order to be who you want to be, you have to become who you want to be, before you see it.

So if you’re not quite there yet, then learn to walk the talk.

Don’t just talk the walk.

As they say, ‘action speaks louder than words.’

How is your walk today?

Talk about being anti-social? Try anti-digital.



So it would seem that rather than making good strides forward and including their customer base in the dinning experience, whilst increasing their reputation. This particular restaurant, in LA, has decided to work against that with their 5% discount offer, when you leave your phone at the door.

Featured in The Stylist weekly magazine, I spotted this weird and wonderful story on the train home yesterday. I wonder what you think of leaving your mobile phone at the door of a restaurant?

Perhaps some make like the idea, but in my experience the majority of us can’t get enough of our phones these days. Irrespective of age, or gender, we are apart of a digital shift, or didn’t these guys get the memo?

Hey, I could be totally wrong here. This could work. In my  opinion is probably will work, for a short while at least, but only for a small number of people. Those who don’t have Facebook primarily.

Just when I thought we were beginning to see a wave of folks, (i.e. companies) embracing the social surge of digital media; que the above article.

What’s your thoughts? Would you take the plunge and leave your phone at the door for 5%?


Have you had your health check?

Well, we are almost at the end of the first month of 2013. I just want to ask you today to take a quick stop, look around, and take stock of where you are in the area of concern for you.

Have you made it off the start pad? Have you stopped eating those doughnuts? Have you got yourself together and made some steps towards starting your own business? Have you taken the reigns of your team and decided to do something different this year to produce the results that you have been trying to achieve.

Some of you may think why would I want to take stock when we’re only half way through January?

Well, the truth is we have already lived 528 hours of 2013 so far, and currently have 8,232 hours left…

1. So what are you spending your time on?

2. Are you sticking to the steps you set yourself, to achieve your goals?

3. When do you expect to get there? Realistic and time bound goals are imperative to have, if you don’t know when you’ll get there, chances are you never will.

Sound like I’m being repetitive? I’m simply re-enforcing what I know to be true for myself. ‘We all need regular check up’s from the neck up,’ as my pastor often says.