A Mother’s Day Post

What a super week! From Oreo Cookie day, to World Book today, to International Woman’s Day. I have laughed, smiled, almost cried and had the BEST time celebrating this week. However, today, is a day that is really special. Today is the day we celebrate the beautiful woman in and around our world.


A woman’s strength is found in her ability to rise and be courageous, and to love in the face of fear.

If you haven’t had a great experience in life, I’m sorry. I hope that we all find someone in our world to be thankful for. If you feel like there’s no-one to appreciate you today, then let me. Have a listen to the song below and find out what I think about, when I think about YOU.

To all my inspirational friends and family around the world: Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Being a woman is a great privilege and honour; and sharing this world with some of the finest people on the planet is a true blessing. Men, never under-estimate the value of the woman in your world. Life is better lived together! Woman this goes for you too. Let’s get better at helping our sisters out.



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