Being a light

Being a light to the world requires action, requires energy, requires substance. I could go on, and probably will in posts to come; however, today I thought I’d like this cool little fella share a word that if you press play will surely speak to you. Now it’s great to be inspired and encouraged, butContinue reading “Being a light”

What does your environment say about you?

Today’s observation is again extracted from a personal experience. Two words: Language and Environment It astounds me how quickly we absorb the culture around us. Culture in our work place, in our peer group. We become who we are around. Now this is not a newsflash to me, but knowing and understanding something are twoContinue reading “What does your environment say about you?”

Talk about being anti-social? Try anti-digital.

  So it would seem that rather than making good strides forward and including their customer base in the dinning experience, whilst increasing their reputation. This particular restaurant, in LA, has decided to work against that with their 5% discount offer, when you leave your phone at the door. Featured in The Stylist weekly magazine,Continue reading “Talk about being anti-social? Try anti-digital.”

Being the customers choice

If you want to be the company your consumer chooses, then be the company they’re looking for first. You attract what you personify in the same way our bodies project a certain message by our unspoken actions, (otherwise known as body language) in which case we push away customers when we fail to give themContinue reading “Being the customers choice”

Do one thing, and take a step

Once you decide what it is that you want to achieve this year – no matter how small, or large it may be; do something that will take you in that direction. It’s easy to overwhelm ourselves with what we want out of life if you are someone with big dreams, but start by choosingContinue reading “Do one thing, and take a step”

River Island: Guilty before charged.

Picture supplied by vivido of Flickr. Before publishing this post, I swayed in the direction I would take this post’ 1. From the frustrated shopper who had just experienced another disappointing service from retailer, River Island. 2. Taking the objective point of few, sympathizing with retailers who, perhaps have been under the same economy pressureContinue reading “River Island: Guilty before charged.”