There is something about London…

After three days of roaming the streets of London’s Notting Hill, I have come back full of love, joy and excitement about my future, which I believe will include a move down south in the not to distant future. The reason for my trip? To escape, relax and double-check out that the city I haveContinue reading “There is something about London…”

Being a light

Being a light to the world requires action, requires energy, requires substance. I could go on, and probably will in posts to come; however, today I thought I’d like this cool little fella share a word that if you press play will surely speak to you. Now it’s great to be inspired and encouraged, butContinue reading “Being a light”

What does your walk say about you?

Inspired on way to work this morning, I saw a guy with a black jacket and swagger like he was fresh out the hood that just happened to catch my attention. And that got me thinking… What does our walk say about us? Not just your psychical walk, although that does share something about whereContinue reading “What does your walk say about you?”

Just because we can…

I’m not sure if many of you reading this, know me other than the writer behind The Social Exchange, or the chick who writes a bunch of posts on business, social media and leadership? If anyone doesn’t know me at all and interested in finding out more about how it changed my life; you canContinue reading “Just because we can…”

Cake in a Jar

I had a completely different blog planned for The Social Exchange this week. However, I decided to write about something off the cuff, so be prepared. This is a little bit of a brain dump post. Today, I decided to write about this: CAKE IN A JAR! There’s nothing special about this except maybe thatContinue reading “Cake in a Jar”

Experience is better than inspiration

As fresh as this lesson is I decided to share and add value to the blog that I have now been committed too for over eight months and one hundred and nineteen posts later (one hundred and twenty if you count this one) – It may not be a long time, concerning this blog, butContinue reading “Experience is better than inspiration”

How long is a piece of string?

Traveling through the world of journalism, digital media, and publishing I have come across several guidelines, opinions and commentary on how long an article, feature, news piece, vox pop, blog, web content, and book should be. I’ve even asked the question to those who have gone before me, and the conclusion I have finally reachedContinue reading “How long is a piece of string?”