The Real Deal

Unique as the fingerprint on your hand, there is something about you that sets you apart from anyone, any business, or anything else you can think of that would fit in this sentence. Check out the photo below: This is my hand. It’s pretty small as far as hands go, but it is my hand.Continue reading “The Real Deal”

Making new friends

Friendship can be a daunting process for anyone; let alone for growing business, in our social evolving world. Today I thought that I would share three quick tips on how to build relationships, with your consumer online via your social media channels. 1. Be Real – no fakers, or haters please. I’m not suggesting waysContinue reading “Making new friends”

Make yourself at home

Make yourself at home… In my culture, this is an endearing phrase used to welcome guests into ones home. I wonder how many British businesses in total have truly grasped this concept of making their consumer feel right at home? After all without the consumer, there is no business. It’s not enough to set upContinue reading “Make yourself at home”

How good are your Macaroons?

Does your product or service stand the test of time? I purchased these macaroons on special order from John Lewis, who kindly shipped some in from their magic storehouse of magic goodies, just waiting to be dispatched. Tasty looking, right? Well, if you like biting in to freeze dried maltersar like sweets, then yes. IContinue reading “How good are your Macaroons?”

It’s in the detail

Sometimes to make a big change, we need to make a small change. A simple smile or friendly gesture from a waiter, or waitress goes along way in the restaurant businesses, (and this pretty much applies to any business). When a customer leaves with a positive experience imprinted in their mind, it can be just asContinue reading “It’s in the detail”