You’ve got talent; use it.

If you haven’t witnessed Jack Carroll yet, let me introduce you… I love when he said; “In comedy, a lot of the time, you’re weaknesses are your strengths.” I believe this is true for many areas in life; that every hardship, difficulty, and disappointment in life can be turned to work itself back together for ourContinue reading “You’ve got talent; use it.”

The wrong kind of fear

Way too many people are walking around today in fear of what people think of them. I want to encourage you today, to be bold and confident in your identity. If you don’t know what you stand for yet, then figure it out. “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” One ofContinue reading “The wrong kind of fear”

The Opportune Moment

The opportune moment are those moments in time that require a decision to be taken, or a choice to be made that could very well be the defining factor to that particular part of the journey you are on. Literally, you could apply this to any area. We’ve all had defining moments before, from theContinue reading “The Opportune Moment”

Wear your brand well

For me a brand is more than just a name, term, sign or logo. To me a brand includes everything from the logo, to the connotations behind it; staff attitudes, mannerisms, and effectively how you treat people when they enter your store. Whether you own a business that is big, small, or you just workContinue reading “Wear your brand well”

The importance of margin

I love the definition of margin, in its noun form, which says; “the space around the printed or written matter on a page.” Other common words used in this context are: boundary, limits, perimeter, scope, room to maneuver, or space. However; for today I would like to use the word margin. I wonder what you consider the definition of margin to be, and if atContinue reading “The importance of margin”


Perhaps this is one of the most important words for every business, marketing and/or PR Company or at least it should be, and perhaps this is the one word that unites us all together no matter the cause, event, goal or objective. No matter what business you are in, charity or otherwise, how relatable yourContinue reading “RELATE”