A Toast To Raising Our Standard


We all have a set standard in life – a blueprint, if you will – for how we think life should look and what is an acceptable terms of agreement between us, and the wider space we live in.

When we set a standard we make a decision that no matter how rocky, or rough a road becomes (figuratively speaking) that we will not steer away from that road. They are the foundation from which our choices are made from. A standard can be anything from what kind of food we will fill your bodies with, to what kind of attitude we will take on each day, to the kind of lifestyle we should be living (e.g. healthy, or unhealthy).

You may have heard the saying, “you are what you eat.”  Well what if we are what we believe, then choices we make each day are feeding into the rest of our lives, and as I explained in my previous post “The Importance Of Personal Development” – Growth in life is inevitable. We are either increasing through growth, or dying. It’s that simple. A skilled man only becomes skilled through diligence and practice. That is why our perceptions of life, will have direct influence on the standard from which we live. Are we happy to continue living with the current standards that we have, or do we have the gumption to believe for more:  To raise our standard, and set the tone for the life we imagined.


Talk about being anti-social? Try anti-digital.



So it would seem that rather than making good strides forward and including their customer base in the dinning experience, whilst increasing their reputation. This particular restaurant, in LA, has decided to work against that with their 5% discount offer, when you leave your phone at the door.

Featured in The Stylist weekly magazine, I spotted this weird and wonderful story on the train home yesterday. I wonder what you think of leaving your mobile phone at the door of a restaurant?

Perhaps some make like the idea, but in my experience the majority of us can’t get enough of our phones these days. Irrespective of age, or gender, we are apart of a digital shift, or didn’t these guys get the memo?

Hey, I could be totally wrong here. This could work. In my  opinion is probably will work, for a short while at least, but only for a small number of people. Those who don’t have Facebook primarily.

Just when I thought we were beginning to see a wave of folks, (i.e. companies) embracing the social surge of digital media; que the above article.

What’s your thoughts? Would you take the plunge and leave your phone at the door for 5%?


The irrefutable demands of time

There is no getting away from the fact that time itself has become a restraint on many businesses; and I wouldn’t say this is specific to small businesses, these days, either.

With the internet being one of the few economies actually growing, and everyone scrambling to understand it – It makes complete sense. However; it also makes no sense that there is still a huge gap, and slow to action spirit that leaves many businesses far behind their potential.

So how do we combat this? We combat it, by assessing what we can, and cannot do; and delegate the load through collaboration.

I think some businesses need to assess what their priorities are, and get a second opinion. With the greatest respect, a mother is always going to love her baby regardless, and this is in no way different to a CEO of his, or her own company, or even the head a particular department. As our roles within business, marketing, and indeed life continue to unravel, we must get smarter at assessing the necessities of our day, and be brave enough to take a step of faith at times when conversion rate looks low to begin with…