Advice to get started in digital marketing 2020.

From speaking at SYP_Oxford last year I’ve had a few questions around digital marketing and how to get started with a career in social media marketing. I love to help answer your questions so do keep them coming. Here’s my top three tips and advice for anyone looking to get started in digital marketing this year.

  1. Google Garage – It’s a great starting point with lots of free courses on the basics and fundamentals of digital marketing. There are accredited and certificate courses on there with The Open University so be sure to dig around and listen in.
  2. Google Analytics Academy – This is an essential course for anyone looking to crash course google analytics. Digital marketing is centred around data and being able to read and understand a website and brand is performing online you’ll want to be in the know. It’s also vital to understanding how your customers or potential customers are interacting with your site.
  3. Future Learn – This is a great asset for those wanting to learn from top universities but without having to give up your job and life to fund it. You only pay at the end of your course if you want the certificate. This is also a great alternative for students looking for alternative options to achieving their degree or qualification.

Let me know what you think. I hope that helps. Till next time. Feel free to sign up to Tailor Made Social for a weekly T on top tips for business and digital marketing.

Discovering your passion

Have you ever looked at the end result of someone’s life you look up too, but fail to see how to make that happen for us. I find the trouble with this approach to finding one’s passion means that when things do go the way we planned we become disappointed. There is also the possibility that we don’t really know what we want to aim for, and yet we see other people achieving levels of success in areas that we aspire to – this can leave us feeling lost and discouraged.

I loved this quote from Gary Vaynerchuk who said:

“You’re not lost in life, you’re just early in the process.” 

Perhaps, when it boils down to it what stops us more from discovering our passion is the fear of failure, but what if to fail was to pay the cost of achieve success.

“Without failure there is no achievement.” – John Maxwell


Got any top tips for discovering your passion? If this encouraged you, please do let me know. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog.

Much love,

Leanne xox




Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.

Being knowledgable in an area, or skill is only the first step to gaining success, or significance within that field. Anyone can bluff their way round a topic, and get by with reading a few articles here and there, and taking it as their own. It may sound good, and many will be happy to work at that level.

For anyone wanting more out of life holistically, I believe everything has its time and season and in all honesty I believe to gain traction and stamina within your market, or choosen field you really need so much more. I hope to share that more with you one day soon, but I really want to hear from those who read this. What do you think about what I’ve just said? Would you agree, or disagree? What do you think more is?

You can leave your comments below, or pop on over to the Facebook page, or Twitter and leave them there. Do you think knowledge is enough to survive in today’s industry?

Playing it safe

It is a far greater risk to do nothing in life, than it is to do something.

We can say we have big dreams, we can proclaim that we want to help and do something for the greater good, and to an extent begin that process; and still not really believe in the possibility. If we did, we would never give up.

We don’t even have to give up physically, we can give up in our minds and in our attitude. In the context of business, some believe we fail our way to success.

I’m not saying that there won’t be business ideas that flop because they have not been planned properly, or they weren’t viable businesses to start with, and that we should never give up on them.

I’m simply saying that we have a dream to do something, like start a business or whatever; and our first attempt fails, then shake it off. Come up with another idea, test and try, and get back up.

The true definition of failure isn’t found in the number of times we fall down, but in our failure to get back up.

I love this quote by Thomas Edison, an inventor and businessman linked to the invention of the lightbulb and the motion picture camera; “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

We are a product of our thoughts.

If we think small, we’ll achieve small. If we think big, we achieve big. Sounds simple, right.

Yet, even in the knowledge that this is true, we can still find ourselves going in a direction that we really don’t want to be heading in, or getting into situations that cause a stir and send out the wrong message.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I find myself in a pickle, I already know how I got there and what I need to do to change it. So how do we manage to fall into these situations in the first place? We get there through the procession of our thoughts. They are what leads us to action.

I have a quote by John Maxwell posted across my mirror that says;

“We must grow ourselves! Grow our ideas, our jobs, our relationships. Big people make their jobs big! Small people make their jobs small.”

It’s so easy to ignore these words, even when they’re staring you right in the face. I think I may have looked at that note a handful of times in the past six months, maybe even longer.

I can’t, and we can’t afford to ignore the millions of thoughts that fly through our minds each day. We are the product of our thoughts. Where the mind goes, the man follows.

Just like being in the control tower of an airfield, we must be fully present in the control tower of our minds. Not every thought should be allowed to land in our life, and whilst we cannot always control each thought that passes our perimeter. We can choose which ones are allowed to land, and park up.

Be careful what thoughts you allow to land in your life, as they determine the paths that we take. The jobs we apply for, the relationships we enter into, the campaigns that we run. Everything starts, and ends with a thought, so think well.

Character shaping success

People are scared of failing, but the only thing that stops people from achieving their goal most often, or not is themselves.

When we keep in mind that failure can be the springboard for success, and believe this to be true; ultimately we are setting ourselves up to achieve.

If you truly want to achieve success, we should ask ourselves why? A wise person once said; “ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”

Love what Abraham Lincoln said when made this statement; “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but idiot want to test a mans character, give him power.”

So don’t be scared of failing. Learn to love it. Take stock of our motives, and have a heart to heart character check along the way. These two checkpoints are a winning combination.

A leader never stops following

The level at which you follow, will determine the level of which you will lead.

A leader never stops following. The capacity of leadership on your life doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re leading an international organisation, raising a team, or raising a child at home. This statement affects every level of leadership.

Who are you following? What kind of voices do you give room to in your life, and have you thought about their position in your business, your team, and your life?

A leader can’t afford to follow blindly, especially when it’s not just your career, company, or family at risk; they have the added value of affecting their work force, employees, and the generations. We all need someone to follow; someone who influences us in some way, shape, or manner. Make sure we’re following the right people, and choose to do life on purpose.