Merry Christmas!!!!

Like the title says, Merry Christmas everybody!!

Thank you for following this blog in 2012. Not only are we celebrating Christmas at The Social Exchange, but it’s our first birthday too!!

What a  year it has been. This year I have left one job, started a business, got serious about finishing my novel and became a proud winner of Creative Pioneers 2012 for my business idea Tailor Made Social. There are many highlights to this year, along with many challenges, however; I am so excited for the new year and all the super news to come.

Just before I go I wanted to share with you one little lesson I’ve learnt this year that has made the closing of 2012 extra special, and that is: Never quit in a dip.

Well that’s all folks from The Social Exchange in 2012!! Look forward to sharing more with you next year on some incredible things that are about  to take place. Wishing you a verry Merry Christmas!!!!

Business as usual

Only a few years ago, Christmas and New Year was a holiday season. A time for family, eating and exchanging gifts.

Now it seems commercialised, and frankly a money chase.

We tare more families away from their loved ones, and turkey dinners than ever before as supermarkets and petrol stations remain open on Christmas and New Years Day. Is there really any need? Despite understanding the convenience this brings for some, I have to wonder;

Have we forgotten the principle of rest, or lost perspective.

As a wise man once said, those who chase money will never catch it.

Oh you can achieve a level of success for sure, but the moment a business, or individual looses perspective we limit that success and the joy that comes with it.

A happy workforce equals a happy business. There are some businesses, who would benefit to remember this.

Retailers, including ASDA and Marks and Spencer’s had stores open across the public holidays.

For the first time ever Marks and Spencer’s opened on Boxing Day. Business is business, but at the end of the day Christmas is Christmas.

Disappointingly this seems to be a growing trend, at the cost of tradition.

It’s Christmas!

In the famous words of noddy fielding, yes; ‘It’s Christmas!’ what do u associate with Christmas?

Christmas tree with lots of lights
Log fires
Christmas dinner with the family


For many, yes this is Christmas; but what about the rest? Those without their loved ones, those in less fortunate circumstances? Let’s spare a thought for them today, and if it’s within your power why not invite them to dinner, send a message reach out and share the festive spirit so many of us are blessed to have; but not everyone is fortunate to have this year: December 2011.

Being a success in life isn’t about how much you have, but rather how much you can give away, help others, to lend a helping hand. The gifts, ideas and skills you have will lend to better use when you put purpose on them, cause and effect.

We become successful when another life is touched, enriched and lifted because we did something of matter.

I extend this challenge not only to anyone reading this, but to myself.

Today I was taught another important lesson that not only does the gift make way for the giver, but it is impossible to out give a generous spirit.

Happy holidays everyone!