Why you need to be on Snapchat

Have you been on either of these channels lately? They’re booming. It seems a lot of people think Snapchat is in trouble now that Instagram has introduced a face filter feature to Instagram stories. However, I beg to differ. And here’s why… The face feature on Instagram are limited, and they’re much less jazzy thanContinue reading “Why you need to be on Snapchat”

Boost your business with Facebook review

Last week, I had the privilege of attending an afternoon event with Facebook & Instagram on how to boost your business using Facebook and Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few snapshots and thoughts that stood out from the day. We had some free coffee! Big thank you to the the lovely guys over a @pactcoffee andContinue reading “Boost your business with Facebook review”

The Billion Dollar Question?

To many, Facebook’s takeover of Instagram will be last week’s news, but today I’m using this story to highlight an after thought from this story that will hopefully add value to your business. To give you some context to my inspired moment, I must take you to Facebook where my friend (distant from the worldContinue reading “The Billion Dollar Question?”

Think before you cross

For quite a few years now, the UK Government have been running a series of ad’s to promote child safety when crossing the roads. Randomly the one that seems to have lodged itself in my memory is King of the Road. Take a look, and click on the link. The connection I’m trying to makeContinue reading “Think before you cross”

The importance of choosing a niche

Is picking a niche important when it comes to social media marketing? I think so. There is only so many hours we have in a day, and whatever business we’re in. Whether you participate in a social media campaign yet, or not. There are psychical restrictions on what one person can do. You don’t need toContinue reading “The importance of choosing a niche”

Three reasons why social media is a worthwhile investment.

According to a report published by The Drum, “34% of marketers have no plans for social media advertising. Unconvinced of it’s ROI” A nice little article, but I find the figures astonishing as the most powerful tool in advertising is word of mouth; social media is the digital tool that provides marketers direct access toContinue reading “Three reasons why social media is a worthwhile investment.”

Social networks get revamped in time for Christmas!

For many tis the season to be jolly, buying presents, sending cards, Christmas parties and fending of the forces of winter, (for some of us). For social networks it seems the perfect time to produce a makeover. This week Facebook rolled out their new streamline profile, Timeline, revealed back at their annual developers conference inContinue reading “Social networks get revamped in time for Christmas!”

Like: The contract behind Facebook

With over 800 million users registered on Facebook and the average user connected to 80 different community pages, groups and events. I wonder how many of those users are aware of the Facebook ‘Like’ Contract? According to Facebook statistics, more than 900 million pages, groups, events and community pages are interacted with on an averageContinue reading “Like: The contract behind Facebook”

Have you used M Share yet?

M share is part of Mashables new social media stream M follow. M share allows you to share the stories that interest you the most, whilst ignoring the ones that don’t; across several different platforms at one time, with one button. The new social platform is all part of Mashable’s shift from the old editorContinue reading “Have you used M Share yet?”