Fashion Thursday

I came up with this name a second ago, but the idea of a post relating to social media, and fashion is something I’ve been meaning to share for at least a week now.

The thing is… Life has taken a few bumps, tumbles, and falls over the last week; as we all know it does. I’ve been working frantically on the buildup of a very exciting project, and juggling the unforeseens of life.

Anyway; Social Media, and Fashion.

Gosh, I feel like bursting into song, or poetry. “Social media, and Fashion. And never the two shall meet!” Well, that would be an incorrect sentence because they do. They do meet. In fact, they were introduced way before most of us understood what Twitter was, and Facebook; if you were a late booker like me.

2006: I held on to Bebo so tight, I’m surprised my screen didn’t crack, as I literally refused the flooding emails of, join your friend JOE BLOGS on Facebook. As if by putting their name in capitals would make me want to switch!

A similar resemblance to the stomp my feet, gut feeling that no I will not be caught injured in those army male like.. shoes!

Approximately a week later: “Yes, so I was thinking I’d quite like to purchase a pair of those army style boots? In Chocolate Brown?” I casually slip into conversation with a girlfriend, who I am about to go shopping with.

But, that’s what we do, right? Well most of us anyway. To bring this back to my point that social media and fashion work hand in hand. I thought I’d illustrate, by using one of my old posts three useful apps that every business should have.

I still love these apps, I’ve blogged about them, and recommended them highly to anyone who reads, or has an interest in social media. Yet, I am also aware that as fleeting as a fashion accessory, perhaps boots was not the best example. So are the fleeting popularity of social media apps.

Do I really need another Twitter app??

I guess it comes down to personal preference really, but just like in the world of clothing there will be items of fashion that will never disappear, such as the black dress, and white collared shirt. There are some platforms that I believe are fundamental to most businesses, and that is:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ (It’s a Google world these days. I’m not quite sure how we’d cope if they ever shut down – Go back to snail mail, I guess).
  • YouTube

The rest, are down to personal preference, and industry dependent.

Just like the catwalks of London, Paris, New York, and Milan; who work vigorously to influence our spring,summer, autumn, and winter wardrobe buys. We, as marketers, business people, and right down to the individual job hunter must succeed at making the right impression with a well-thought through, strategic marketing plan that INCLUDES some form of Social Media Marketing. Assessed seasonally.

Have you thought about your summer approach yet? Do you know what’s trending at the moment?

If not, and you’d like to discuss more. Please feel free to drop me a line at, or connect with me on Twitter here.


Boxing day sale

The Boxing day sale is hypothetically the biggest sale of the year in retail, or at least it used to be.

This is the sale that pulled many families out from their Christmas Day celebrations, from as early as 6am this morning.

It seems the tradition for many has continued to prove itself, very much alive this year; even in the mist of a ‘recession.’

But how much of that sold in a sale is really down to the value of the product, and not the brightly labeled tag that draws you into a thought process of; I must have, can’t live without?

In the end, it’s the consumer who looses out. How many of us obtain a generous amount of spending money for Christmas, and how many of those people blow over half, if not more a day later?

Two days prior to Christmas Eve, I saw the black ruffled collar coat hanging ever so beautifully on the rail of Zara. Supposed to be on last min spree of Christmas shopping, the £80 distraction was just causing me great pain; and despite exhausting all efforts to resist. I failed so miserably that my generous parent decided to purchase me the coat for Christmas much to my surprise, and delight.

You can imagine how short-lived that delight lasted when I woke this morning to discover -£20 off the RP that stood valid a mere 36 hours previous.

The truth is, my new coat was a popular choice, and the last in its size with the Glasgow area anyway. But here’s my point.

It was the last in its size!

Before you know it there will be a new product, style and trend begging for our attention, screaming, ‘you must have; buy this’ all over again.