The more you give, the more you sell

This is a principle that many within the world of business are discovering more, and more. Funny thing is that this is something we have been learning in my church for years. It’s true, the more you give, the more blessed you will be.

Today I just want to challenge you, what are you going to give? I honestly believe that if you decide to be generous as a business, and sow seeds accordingly from the heart, then you will at some point see those seeds returned to you in abundance.

Sometimes those seeds may come back in a different way to what you would expect, but why not try it. Now that doesn’t mean that you should work for free, for an unlimited time. Let’s be wise about things here. If you put yourself on a plate for those in the world who are willing to walk all over you, to do just that, then they will do just that. However; don’t let those small percentages of put you off from being generous. You may think this chat is deep, and irrelevant to running an organization, or launching a marketing campaign, but I would suggest this is 100% relevant.

We know from the world of social that businesses today must have a heart, and in many ways become human; i.e. Have personality, use conversational language, and have a heart. So you see, the more you give, the more you will sell.

Guy Kawasaki recently launched his latest e-book, ‘What the Google’ in partnership with Samsung, and in the process of self publishing he told The Social Hour, he’d given away 5,000 free copies. He went on to comment how in past tense publishers would have been telling him how crazy he was, for giving so much away for free. Yet, he also added that in doing just his sales have increased significantly. “It’s a funny thing,” he said. Well, not really. This principle of sowing and reaping has been around for sometime – It’s just now those who are applying the principle are starting to see the return, and sharing it with the world.

New Google bar features new design, search and plus tools.

This is a snapshot look at Google’s new navigation bar, which will appear at the top of the browser window, like so ;

The new design is all part of Google’s plan to improve the look and feel of Google products, including Search, News, Maps, Gmail, Translate and a whole lot more.

The idea behind the change was to improve user experience, and create a simple and more attractive appearance. Has Google achieved this? I think so. I love the new drop down links menu at the top left side of the screen. It looks neat, brings everything I need to one central menu and just looks much fresher than the old design.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I do find it simpler to use and easy to navigate with everything in one place. The bright coloured icons and list format assures me that everything I need is right there, and within easy reach. I don’t need to go searching for Google+ anymore either! It’s one click away, situated at the top right hand corner of my screen.

I like the clean cut feel Google. Thumbs up from me!

What do you think?