The Opportune Moment

The opportune moment are those moments in time that require a decision to be taken, or a choice to be made that could very well be the defining factor to that particular part of the journey you are on. Literally, you could apply this to any area. We’ve all had defining moments before, from the moment you choose your subjects in high school, to the decision you made to leave school, go to university, go on a date with your partner. We make choices every day that define our tomorrow, it’s just sometimes we don’t see the results until we’re further down the line.


Anything worth building in life requires a choice, and with that choice comes the understanding of a time frame that will undoubtedly take you in one direction, or another. Time frames are crucial because they determine the amount of time a project, or campaign, or dream needs in order for growth, and fruition. The thought I want to share, stir and leave you with today is; Are you prepared for those moments in life that suddenly appear? The unexpected opportunities that life has a way of thrusting upon us, demanding a decision in one way, or in another. I wonder…

A leader never stops following

The level at which you follow, will determine the level of which you will lead.

A leader never stops following. The capacity of leadership on your life doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re leading an international organisation, raising a team, or raising a child at home. This statement affects every level of leadership.

Who are you following? What kind of voices do you give room to in your life, and have you thought about their position in your business, your team, and your life?

A leader can’t afford to follow blindly, especially when it’s not just your career, company, or family at risk; they have the added value of affecting their work force, employees, and the generations. We all need someone to follow; someone who influences us in some way, shape, or manner. Make sure we’re following the right people, and choose to do life on purpose.


Are you unteachable?

Earlier this week I published a blog titled, Are you teachable? The blog was short, and to the point, as most of my posts are, and seemed to glean a positive response from those who read it.

I posed the question on Monday, Are you teachable, with the aim to open up peoples minds to the possibility of another option, process or idea.

Today I want to extend that post a little further, and address a statement that that was put to myself out of sheer frustration, (and validly so) that I was unteachable. After stopping to consider this thought, and after giving it some analysis I have to concluded that it is in fact untrue, and unfounded.

I don’t believe there is anyone who is unteachable. From a very young age, we are all forced to learn the basis of our identity, and culture through various external factors. In fact wouldn’t it be fair to say instead that we all just learn at different speeds, and through various methods. I would even go as far to say that being teachable is an choice, or an attitude in that we choose to be open to something other than what we already known.

I’m no expert in the psychology of these things, and this is just my thoughts on the matter, but rather than ruling ourselves out because we haven’t scored a higher mark than smart alex next door. Perhaps our brains just process information differently. It seems to make sense given the diversity of personalities, likes, dislikes, skills and abilities. It doesn’t make us less intelligent, but it does mean that we’re different, and that’s ok too.

I am not unteachable. I just process information differently. Most often this perception comes from a lack of focus in that particular moment, when the million of thoughts crowding my mind distract me from the matter at hand – that doesn’t make me unteachable. That just makes me, me.