The power of choice

Watch this powerful music video by Rudimental. It’s a powerful and moving story of how our choices can lead us on two very different paths.

Which leads me to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you start in life, it matters how you finish. Every day we make choices that affect our tomorrow, which means we have the power to choose how tomorrow looks.

What you do today will flow into the Friday and so forth, so even if some challenges come your way today, how you respond to them will determine the altitude of your tomorrow.

We can choose many things today. Some of these may be:

– hope or depression

– love or hate

– kindness or selfishness

– curry or soup

– boots or flats

– press on or give up

– give or don’t give

– positive or negative

They are greatly varied;  but big or small they all add up. Here’s a good question to ask ourselves daily – are the decisions we make leading us to where we want to go in life?

Rudimental- Not Giving In from Josh Cole on Vimeo.

The Myths of Social Media

Myth 1: Having a Facebook page, does not guarantee you ROI on your social strategy. Especially if off screen you can’t even be bothered to talk to the potential customers standing in front of you  – who by the way live less than two minutes from your shop. (This  post comes out of frustration, after a disheartening experience at the Scottish Wedding show today).

I believe to succeed this year that yes being online and having a social media strategy is extremely important, but you should note that if you cannot carry the same personality you present online offline, you will miss out.

Having a Facebook page will not save you from the consumer who passes you by because you failed to deliver offline, what you promise online.

Think of it like this; For every genuine like or follower you obtain online, is the equivalent of someone walking into your store, and should not be taken lightly.

We are a product of our thoughts.

If we think small, we’ll achieve small. If we think big, we achieve big. Sounds simple, right.

Yet, even in the knowledge that this is true, we can still find ourselves going in a direction that we really don’t want to be heading in, or getting into situations that cause a stir and send out the wrong message.

Ninety-nine percent of the time I find myself in a pickle, I already know how I got there and what I need to do to change it. So how do we manage to fall into these situations in the first place? We get there through the procession of our thoughts. They are what leads us to action.

I have a quote by John Maxwell posted across my mirror that says;

“We must grow ourselves! Grow our ideas, our jobs, our relationships. Big people make their jobs big! Small people make their jobs small.”

It’s so easy to ignore these words, even when they’re staring you right in the face. I think I may have looked at that note a handful of times in the past six months, maybe even longer.

I can’t, and we can’t afford to ignore the millions of thoughts that fly through our minds each day. We are the product of our thoughts. Where the mind goes, the man follows.

Just like being in the control tower of an airfield, we must be fully present in the control tower of our minds. Not every thought should be allowed to land in our life, and whilst we cannot always control each thought that passes our perimeter. We can choose which ones are allowed to land, and park up.

Be careful what thoughts you allow to land in your life, as they determine the paths that we take. The jobs we apply for, the relationships we enter into, the campaigns that we run. Everything starts, and ends with a thought, so think well.


What do you believe tonight? What are you believing for 2012?

We are hours away from entering a brand new year and I would like to take this opportunity to pose such a question, or questions?

Many people have spent the last few days, perhaps longer for some, reflection on the year past, and looking to the year to come. I’ve heard many confess, “2012 is going to be a great year,” but I couldn’t help hear the uncertainty in those particular voices.

The truth is there is a certain degree of uncertainty in life, and sometimes the unexpected happens, but ( and let this be a big but) we must believe the best. It’s good to speak great things over our family, relationships, businesses and even over our own lives.

Make a plan, if you haven’t already, to enter 2012 believing for somethings.

Write down where you see your business, career, relationship in 2012.

Be specific, and have a little faith that no matter the uncertainty of what next year will bring; we will go after a few things, and believe!

Happy New Year folks!


There is lots of things in life that have the potential to hault our progress and success at whatever we might be doing in life.

There is a fear of not believing we are good enough to do a particular job, or succeed in that special relationship.

There are some who fear that if we are not obsessing over our food, we’ll gain two pounds and the world will end (please consider all of these suggestions in the appropriate context).

Fear comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes; and all are toxic to our being. It has the potential to kill a dream, relationship, business and it paralyzes our progress: If we let it.

I suggest we don’t. Choose to go enter this new year with courage, boldness and refuse to be taken down by fear. Sometimes situations in life may look scary, but sometimes they require us to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Like the good old writer Ambrose Redmoon once said; “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

Choose to be bold, and very courageous in 2012.