Thank Crunchie It’s Friday

Well it’s the first day of my long weekend, and I am up early and ready to go. It may be Friday, I know it’s the end of the week, but it’s a fresh opportunity to move closer to what is in your heart and experience the life/business/relationship that you desire. “The only difference betweenContinue reading “Thank Crunchie It’s Friday”

Flying high?

Love this song. Have you noticed that life is a playground of lessons? I wonder how often we stop to open our eyes to the possibility of learning from strangest of places? How many stop to listen to the messages carried in, for example, song… …or read a book that’s outside their norm. …or attendContinue reading “Flying high?”

Mission Possible

What if you could achieve the impossible? What would that be for you? I love the fact that Felix Baumgartner from Austria broke the record for the highest jump – from the edge of the earth, and broke the speed of sound barrier on his way down. I’m sure there were many thousands of peopleContinue reading “Mission Possible”

The ROI of Stamina

“The true measure of success is failing to give up even when the going gets tough.” Regardless to what one’s opinion would be on Frank Bruno, the boxer. I have to say that I found his story on Piers Morgan tonight, most encouraging. Against all odds, (including himself) Frank had the courage to pursue hisContinue reading “The ROI of Stamina”

Sharing is Caring: So what’s your Story?

As International Woman’s Day draws to a close, it seemed only right lend a supportive hand to the cause of empowering woman, and eradicating poverty, by diverting once again in today’s post – ever so slightly. Across the world today, millions gathered via online, hosting events, and contributing to the work of charities and organizationsContinue reading “Sharing is Caring: So what’s your Story?”

Chocolate Souffle

Below is a picture of the beautifully presented dessert served up by my local Chinese resturant, not so long ago, labelled on the menu as Chocolate Souffle. If you’re a wordsmith then you will have noticed the deliberate typo in today’s title to co-inside with today’s story. Souffle, and soufflé (which I can presume was theContinue reading “Chocolate Souffle”

Stand up and be counted for

Either stand up and be counted for, or sit down and say nothing. The choice is for us to decide. Being fearful of man, or what people think is a trap. Something I too am challenged with, but this life we live is short. We get one shot, and sometimes we really need to sitContinue reading “Stand up and be counted for”

Character shaping success

People are scared of failing, but the only thing that stops people from achieving their goal most often, or not is themselves. When we keep in mind that failure can be the springboard for success, and believe this to be true; ultimately we are setting ourselves up to achieve. If you truly want to achieveContinue reading “Character shaping success”

Are you teachable?

Having a teachable spirit in life is something we should all have, or aspire to. Whether your the CEO of a company, a shop floor manager, or a mechanic; whatever your vocation. If we are not willing to be taught, or to be corrected then the question we really ought to be asking ourselves is,Continue reading “Are you teachable?”