Thank Crunchie It’s Friday

Well it’s the first day of my long weekend, and I am up early and ready to go. It may be Friday, I know it’s the end of the week, but it’s a fresh opportunity to move closer to what is in your heart and experience the life/business/relationship that you desire.

“The only difference between you and the person you admire is the perspective they have on life” T.D Jakes

I’m off to make the most of my holiday, put off procrastination and do what I know to do.

Have a great weekend folks! Don’t forget to have some fun! Check out the sleeping puppy below, dreaming.

Flying high?

Love this song. Have you noticed that life is a playground of lessons? I wonder how often we stop to open our eyes to the possibility of learning from strangest of places?

How many stop to listen to the messages carried in, for example, song…

…or read a book that’s outside their norm.

…or attend a seminar, church service, or consider the possibility of a blog post such as this; or this.

Opportunities come to those who are ready, so I guess the question I am posing to both you, and myself today is: Where are you flying too? Everyone’s flying somewhere.

Our decisions are taking us on a path. They determine the steps that we take every day, and so it is with good heart today that I wish you well and hope for you that you are flying in the right direction.

Mission Possible

What if you could achieve the impossible? What would that be for you? I love the fact that Felix Baumgartner from Austria broke the record for the highest jump – from the edge of the earth, and broke the speed of sound barrier on his way down.

I’m sure there were many thousands of people who said this wasn’t possible, but Felix and his team dared to believe it was, and the pursued it.

You may not have such extreme dreams, (if there is such a thing) but I do believe as Walt Disney once said, ‘the proof of the desire is in the pursuit.”

So let’s explore this for a second. In order for Flexi, and the team to achieve this dream, there was a list of requirements set:

Seven Years worth of time, mental preparation, finance investment, planning, testing and all before executing.

As he mentions halfway through this interview, ‘they had a plan and they stuck to it.’ He went on to explain how they had a list of what if’s that when he reached the edge of space, if anything was to pop up that wasn’t in their plan, the jump would be aborted. They thought of everything, from the second the parachute would be released, and had a purpose for every decision made.

This may sound like a lot of work, but it surprises me just how many people fail to set a plan in place, even though I myself have not yet achieved the goals I have set for my own life – This I do know. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to hit the target. That is what Felix and his team did; and that is why they managed to achieve their desired outcome.

In the interview below, Felix was asked what went through his mind when he reached the top and was about to jump. He said he became humble adding; “Sometimes you have to go up high, to understand how small you really are.”

You don’t even need to go to the edge of space to get this revelation. I got this revelation as I left on my own for New York, for the first time. Although, there is a certain profoundness that is added to such revelation when it comes from a man who’s just jumped 128k from space.

If I do nothing back make you think today, then I’ve done this post justice. I hope you will do something good with this encouragement, and I hope that you can see that if you are a person, ‘who doesn’t see the point in making plans’ then you already did, ‘you made a plan to fail.’

The ROI of Stamina

“The true measure of success is failing to give up even when the going gets tough.”

Regardless to what one’s opinion would be on Frank Bruno, the boxer. I have to say that I found his story on Piers Morgan tonight, most encouraging.

Against all odds, (including himself) Frank had the courage to pursue his dream of winning the World Champion title; which took him almost 14 years of training and fighting, before he was able to achieve that reality.

Now that is true perseverance.


Sharing is Caring: So what’s your Story?

As International Woman’s Day draws to a close, it seemed only right lend a supportive hand to the cause of empowering woman, and eradicating poverty, by diverting once again in today’s post – ever so slightly.

Across the world today, millions gathered via online, hosting events, and contributing to the work of charities and organizations who work extremely hard to support and assist the thousands of woman still living in poverty today. In keeping with the social sharing spirit online check out my favourite story from today, by clicking here and be sure to watch the video!

Happy International Woman’s Day!

Chocolate Souffle

Below is a picture of the beautifully presented dessert served up by my local Chinese resturant, not so long ago, labelled on the menu as Chocolate Souffle. If you’re a wordsmith then you will have noticed the deliberate typo in today’s title to co-inside with today’s story.

Souffle, and soufflé (which I can presume was the intended spelling) hold two very different meanings.

According to my dictionary, souffle represents the murmuring, or blowing sound heard through a stethoscope, and soufflé, which many will recognize as the light spongy dessert made typically, by adding flavoured egg yolks to stiffly beaten egg whites are agreeably independent.

Besides the small typing error, which I could easily overlook. It was the description tag that let me down. There was no gooey chocolate centre. Let this be a lesson that just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it tastes good. Don’t get me wrong, I love this restaurant for what it is. However; I am a dessert queen, and as good as this baby looks, it was a little overcooked on the inside.

To gain a winning dessert in life, business or campaign; “taste must be married to luke.” In other words, our work, our relationships, our words and our actions must carry authenticity.

Stand up and be counted for

Either stand up and be counted for, or sit down and say nothing. The choice is for us to decide.

Being fearful of man, or what people think is a trap. Something I too am challenged with, but this life we live is short. We get one shot, and sometimes we really need to sit and take stock of ourselves, and our position in lives and ask ourselves this question; Am I living a fulfilled life? If the answer is no, then what are you going to do to change it?

We might not be where we want to be right now. You might be the owner of a startup business, or an employee of whatever company you work for.

We are all in different points of life, business, career, family and relationships; yet it’s vital that we stop along the journey of our lives to take stock of where we are, figure out where we want to be, and the steps we need to take to get there.

Oh, and a little tip for those who find themselves midway or feel like they are about to fall of the edge of the cliff, don’t freak out just turn and change your perspective. And walk calmly away from the cliff (the cliff is hypothetical to a place in life where you feel like your finished, about to give up, something hasn’t been working out the way you want and you feel like you’re about to fall of the edge of a cliff – Ok so it’s a little dramatic, but you get the picture).

If I’m learning anything of late it is this;

  1. Be a person of your word
  2. Don’t be scared of what people think of you
  3. Be willing to stand up, and be counted for what you believe in.

Not everyone’s going to like it, or read it; but like an inspiring mentor has reminded me, it’s not about who’s reading my work, or buying my product.

For example: My purpose for writing this blog is to get out what is in me, and hopefully grow it to a place where one day it will spread, and make a greater impact in many other ways. Yet, I cannot afford to lose focus on the way to where that dream is taking me; and neither can you.

I actually hope that it encourages someone who needs to hear this to believe that they matter. It frustrates me that in my own nation there are so many people who have been suppressed for generations under the assumption that it wasn’t their place to stand up, and be counted for because they didn’t have the right clothes, or live in the ‘right’ location.

I want to carry the message that says, your beginning doesn’t have to be your ending.

We must be willing to stand up and be counted for. When the ‘voice’ comes to make us question, who we are, and what we think we are doing. We have two choices,

  • Stand up – fight for that cause, be willing to put in the hard yards, believe and never give up trying.
  • Sit down  – don’t say anything that rocks the boat, live apologetically for the person you are, in fear of what others will think.

Let’s make sure we’re standing for the right things too, but this is a blog post for another day… I urge myself, and you to choose to stand up and be counted for… Thank you.