How committed are you to the cause?

Everyone is committed to something. We all have a cause, or purpose. Even if you choose not to commit to something, like a relationship, or a job, or a business, you are still committing to not commit.

The level of commitment you make to anything in life, will determine the level of success you achieve. It is a simple matter of fact. Commitment is a choice we are all faced with at some point.

However; today I want to share some thoughts to encourage anyone facing a challenging time with a project, business, or relationship.

Taking business as an example – It’s easy to make a commitment to branch out on your own when your pumped about the perks being your own boss entails, (five to ten years down the line) but it doesn’t look so pretty when you are a few months in, and things don’t seem to be growing as fast as you hoped they would.

So what do you do when you find yourself at a crossroad of:

Do you choose to carry on, or do you choose to give up?

Giving up is easy. To some it may seem like the safe option, but to others (like myself) giving up is a risk I am not prepared to take; and neither should you.

This doesn’t just apply to start up businesses, but to every kind of organization, project manager, marketing department, team, mother, family, friend and relationship.

In life circumstances have the tendency to cloud our judgement, and given their ability to change like the wind. It’s healthy to remind ourselves why we choose to commit to something way back when.

Some things in life take longer to grow than others, and like the good old sayings state:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” No matter how green the grass looks on the other side of your hill, it’s always greener where you water it.

Staying committed to the cause requires reflection, and determination to press through the challenging circumstances of life.


Big dream, big opposition.

Have you ever noticed when you go to a fairground the bigger they have all kinds of games like hook the duck, bullseye etc. Have you also noticed that the bigger the prize, the bigger the challenge?

I could be making this up, (it’s late) but here’s my point; The bigger the dream, the bigger the opposition. So don’t give up when life throws you lemons, twists them and make lemonade instead.

Nothing worth having, comes without cost or challenge, so buckle up and hold on tight.


The Gardener knows…

Have you ever watched the process of a gardener as he plants his seed?

The gardener understands that in order for a seed to produce a harvest, it must first grow down, before it shoots up. This is the picture of what a dream looks like, and in fact this can be applied to many situations, work, life, relationships.

In order for something to grow, and become a reality in our lives there is a process. Often this process can go in the complete opposite direction than we hoped it would, but understand this:

“Just because something looks impossible, doesn’t mean it is impossible.”

Our perception can trick us if we only look at the moment we inserted the seed, and return when it is fully grown.

There will be businesses that flourish faster than others, in the same way there will be careers and lives, which seem to accelerate beyond you at times, but don’t compare. Appearances can be deceiving. Just keep running your own race, and understand that there is a process for everyone…

Taking time to avoid burning out.

I don’t know about you, or where you sit in life, but the world I see seems to have gone on this speedy travelator that people find hard to stop. Caught in a trap of never being satisfied, always comparing themselves to others, and disconcertingly transforming ourselves into digital avatars; and at the same time loosing touch with immediate world around us, (the people living next door).

Do I believe in social media? Of course I do. It’s a great tool? Yes, but it should never be a substitute for the real deal, building true relationships with real people, traveling to real places. Gosh, we don’t even need to move from our comfort chairs anymore. The world has uploaded itself onto a digital platform, called the internet.

Is the internet bad? No. I love the doors it has opened, however; I do believe there are elements of this digitally drive world that do more damage than good. For example; it’s pretty easy to spend hours on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, and there are many people that do; but what are we really sowing into by doing that?

I hope there’s purpose in it, because time is valuable. Better yet, it’s a gift, and there are too many distractions out there that can easily taper our vision, and lead us away from our purpose ever so slightly. You can miss the mark by a millimeter, and you have still missed the mark. Please note, missing the mark is in reference to loosing focus, and in no way shape or form reflects the value of a person. I believe that everyone reading this is unique, beautiful and has a purpose that they are either living out, or on the journey of discovery.

So what’s your purpose? Have you thought about it? It’s OK if you don’t have it all figured out, I’m just sharing my heart tonight, which is just as challenging for me as it is for any reader.

What has lead you to where you are today? Are you in the right career, or relationship for the right reasons?  Where are you spending time most? The idea is not to get us to doubt what is good, but to press home that taking time to stop, appreciate and reflect is    vital to avoid a burn out.

I believe that where your heart is, (i.e. where you spend your time, money, thoughts), is your treasure is. So, lets make sure we’re sowing the right seeds into the right ground, so that tomorrow’s harvest will be a great one.

Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.

Being knowledgable in an area, or skill is only the first step to gaining success, or significance within that field. Anyone can bluff their way round a topic, and get by with reading a few articles here and there, and taking it as their own. It may sound good, and many will be happy to work at that level.

For anyone wanting more out of life holistically, I believe everything has its time and season and in all honesty I believe to gain traction and stamina within your market, or choosen field you really need so much more. I hope to share that more with you one day soon, but I really want to hear from those who read this. What do you think about what I’ve just said? Would you agree, or disagree? What do you think more is?

You can leave your comments below, or pop on over to the Facebook page, or Twitter and leave them there. Do you think knowledge is enough to survive in today’s industry?

Changing gears…

Just like a car is forced to change gears in order to build momentum when climbing a hill. Life can be a little like that sometimes too. Every season has its shifts, and changes. Moments where you feel like business, or life has slowed down a gear, just to speed up into the next; and speed up it does.

Gears change depending on the external circumstances. Sometimes when life presents itself as a challenge. When you step out in faith that you can provide a particular service to a client, or you take on a few extra projects/employees this year. In those moments, we need to get good at listening for the gear change, and adjust accordingly.

Whether that means stepping it up a notch or two, pushing in to get the job done and persevere, or maybe you’re in a season that’s changing, and causes you to slow down to prepare for what’s up ahead. Either way. It’s a passing thought that sometimes life requires us to change gears. Have you noticed?