The Power of Words and Heroes

“Words are the keys to the heart.” Chinese proverb

The Chinese proverb wasn’t far wrong in my opinion either. Do you realise how powerful your words are? I remember a poem we used to sing back at school that went along the lines of; “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Not quite sure where the poem came from, but one thing life has taught me is that, that’s a lie.

Our words are powerful, and the can either add value or detract it. So just as kind and important as it is to be a generous with our finance, time, and resources in our world today. It is equally important to be generous with our words. Our words count, and what we do with those words, or how we spend them matter too.

Unsung heroes are a group of students passionate about showing appreciation of those in the armed forces, serving our country on the front line every day.

When your thousands of miles away from your family, for long periods of time, and living in uncertainty on behalf of a country. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, or where you come from. A simple thank you to these men can make a huge difference in the days when reality hits, and things get tough.

In just nine days this campaign has reached over 1180 views, with only 131 people stopped to show their appreciation. Please support this cause, by taking 30 seconds of your time to register today.

Don’t forget the power of your words. 

Stand up and be counted for

Either stand up and be counted for, or sit down and say nothing. The choice is for us to decide.

Being fearful of man, or what people think is a trap. Something I too am challenged with, but this life we live is short. We get one shot, and sometimes we really need to sit and take stock of ourselves, and our position in lives and ask ourselves this question; Am I living a fulfilled life? If the answer is no, then what are you going to do to change it?

We might not be where we want to be right now. You might be the owner of a startup business, or an employee of whatever company you work for.

We are all in different points of life, business, career, family and relationships; yet it’s vital that we stop along the journey of our lives to take stock of where we are, figure out where we want to be, and the steps we need to take to get there.

Oh, and a little tip for those who find themselves midway or feel like they are about to fall of the edge of the cliff, don’t freak out just turn and change your perspective. And walk calmly away from the cliff (the cliff is hypothetical to a place in life where you feel like your finished, about to give up, something hasn’t been working out the way you want and you feel like you’re about to fall of the edge of a cliff – Ok so it’s a little dramatic, but you get the picture).

If I’m learning anything of late it is this;

  1. Be a person of your word
  2. Don’t be scared of what people think of you
  3. Be willing to stand up, and be counted for what you believe in.

Not everyone’s going to like it, or read it; but like an inspiring mentor has reminded me, it’s not about who’s reading my work, or buying my product.

For example: My purpose for writing this blog is to get out what is in me, and hopefully grow it to a place where one day it will spread, and make a greater impact in many other ways. Yet, I cannot afford to lose focus on the way to where that dream is taking me; and neither can you.

I actually hope that it encourages someone who needs to hear this to believe that they matter. It frustrates me that in my own nation there are so many people who have been suppressed for generations under the assumption that it wasn’t their place to stand up, and be counted for because they didn’t have the right clothes, or live in the ‘right’ location.

I want to carry the message that says, your beginning doesn’t have to be your ending.

We must be willing to stand up and be counted for. When the ‘voice’ comes to make us question, who we are, and what we think we are doing. We have two choices,

  • Stand up – fight for that cause, be willing to put in the hard yards, believe and never give up trying.
  • Sit down  – don’t say anything that rocks the boat, live apologetically for the person you are, in fear of what others will think.

Let’s make sure we’re standing for the right things too, but this is a blog post for another day… I urge myself, and you to choose to stand up and be counted for… Thank you.