Vine or Instagram? That is today’s question.

1. Vine

After deleting my account in back in 2013, I have to thank Vine Celebrity Nash Gier and his cute little sister Sky Lynn for re-introducing me to Vine year. It wasn’t really grabbing my attention back then, but since rediscovering my passion for film and video content in particular I have fallen in love once again.

It’s so much fun, and make you can make your own mini films. The app allows you to hit pause at any time, which gives flexibility in shooting over a longer period of time, location, or with various groups of people. It’s pretty impressive, and as some may call it the modern film. The rise of digital media has challenged generations ability to focus for any length of time. You have to be creative with this channel, and only get 6 seconds to dazzle your audience, but if it’s right for you’re audience and you do it right like Ford, then you’re sure to reap great benefits (providing you sow valuable content).

Here’s one I made earlier:


Now I’m not sure if I like it more than You Tube, (I’ve recently started posting some videos on the 2nd largest search engine last month), but I highly recommend it as a strategic component in your social media strategy for 2015. Last year I mentioned that video was huge, and this year fast and shareable video content is even bigger.

2. Instagram

I feel like this is the one that flew under the radar. I am obsessed with this channel, and despite some concerned post Facebook take over, I feel they have kept true to the apps original feel and function without running over it with a Facebook stamp and like button. I use my Instagram like a diary of moments and captures that I love to refer to as Kodak moments. It’s the perfect balance between the old and the new. I used to own a Polaroid camera, and loved taking instant snaps of random trees’s birthday cake, and pretty much anything I could point and snap.

I’ve just recently upgraded to a DSLR, which is awesome – I feel all professional holding it; but I don’t pretend to be an expert. If you look at my Instagram you’ll see lots of food, and outdoor pics mostly.

As a business it’s a great way to show personality and engage with the consumer if you are a visual product or service. Ford have done a great job in keeping their Instagram content unique and a one off. It may take a little more work doing things this way, but it will be an investment worth having. Don’t be afraid to be normal. Use the filters, do all the things you would do if posting on your own social media channels.

When I say do ‘all’ things, this is assuming you keep a somewhat professional approach to posting on your own platforms.


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Perhaps this is one of the most important words for every business, marketing and/or PR Company or at least it should be, and perhaps this is the one word that unites us all together no matter the cause, event, goal or objective. No matter what business you are in, charity or otherwise, how relatable your business is to your mass market, I propose, will determine the level of success you achieve.

With only 30 days till Christmas, and only 5 weeks and 2 days till the dawn of 2012. I thought this would be a good time to post a few pointers, thoughts and questions I think we should be asking ourselves as we prepare our businesses, campaigns, products, brands and causes for the new year.

If you believe the saying that you reap what you sow and a man without a plan lacks direction, like me, then it’s only wise to take some time think, plan and write down some things you would like to improve or see happen over the next year.

Most of us should now have an awareness and participation on some level with Social Media. I hope most are now coming round to the idea that it’s not just about how many Facebook fans, Twitter followers or likes you get that really should matter to any profitable business, but the quality of what you produce and the contexts in how you deliver. This I believe is applicable to any product, brand or campaign and perhaps the most important question and point I’d like to make through this post is simply this:

Are you relatable?

Have you still got the dulcet tones of sales speak running through your organisation? Website, correspondence, sales persons speak or otherwise? If so, then please stop.

As a consumer myself, I speak from experience, I’m not interested in hearing a pre-scripted speech about why I should hand over my money to you and feel pressured to say yes to you in the process. I’d much rather reach that conclusion myself.

Yes, I am a social media strategist by day, so I have obvious passion for social media marketing and wholeheartedly believe in its value.

But I don’t say this to gloat about position, except for to give my humble opinion on where I see marketing going in 2012. Quite frankly – it excites me!

Out with the old and in with the new, is that not what they say? Forget your old push marketing methods, we’re are definitely in a pull marketing era.

There is great opportunities out there to take advantage of, without spending a ridiculous amount on TV advertising, but if you do have the cash for that – make sure you stick a QR code or Facebook Follow sign on end!

It’s time to get creative people. You have go to pull in the hard yards, branch out and think relational.

Next post I’ll highlight those who have already asked themselves this very question and adapted their strategy to win.

Do you want to win the heart of your customers 2012? The proof of your desire is in the pursuit. In other words you will never achieve what you are unwilling to pursue, (change and adapt).