Advice to get started in digital marketing 2020.

From speaking at SYP_Oxford last year I’ve had a few questions around digital marketing and how to get started with a career in social media marketing. I love to help answer your questions so do keep them coming. Here’s my top three tips and advice for anyone looking to get started in digital marketing this year.

What’s personal branding got to do with it? 

So what about your personal brand? I was recently asked about some thoughts on personal branding and decided to share a few more as I think it could be helpful and relevant to you. Especially if you are embarking on a new blog. I’ve talked a little about some of the things you should thinkContinue reading “What’s personal branding got to do with it? “

Who do you say you are?

If you were to sum yourself, or your business up in three words what words would you choose? Discovering our identity, and purpose in life are the two most commonly searched for answers; by everyone. These are what I call, the big two, and they are: 1. Who do you say you I am? 2. WhatContinue reading “Who do you say you are?”