Online spend continues to out grow traditional print advertising

If you weren’t already convinced before, then be convinced now as one of the latest reports released by eMarketer has confirmed a significant growth in online advertising in the US, by as much as 23% up from last year.

The marketing research group forecast online advertising spend this year will bring a noteworthy £25.5 million, in comparison to the traditional print industry, expected to haul in £21.8 million. This shows a remarkable growth in the online spend. The new trend is expected to continue to grow steadily over the next 10 years.

In the UK, spend on the Internet and Search Internet went up by 14.9%, according to reports from IPA Bellwether Report.

In comparison, there was also a measured decline of around 1.2% in marketing budgets spent on traditional media. The drop may seem small, but author of the report commented;

“There are signs that companies have become increasingly reluctant to invest in traditional media campaigns, instead diverting money towards the internet.”

The report, which concluded its survey from 300 UK media and marketing executives suggested after further study, the increase in spend was a move to protect their market share, and nothing to do with consumer confidence.

When the IBA, (Internet Advertising Bureau) highlights that British consumers are spending 25% of their time on social media; it’s hard not to believe that this is real reason media companies are increasing their online advertising spend. We don’t just ‘hang out’ online, we buy online.

Lets not forget the digital driven world we now live in, where almost every face you pass in the street is glued their smart phone. Econsultancy announced in their blog today that mobile accounted for 12% paid search clicks in the UK during the month of December. Spend share of mobile and table devices for that month  rose by 29% claiming a 7.5% share of total search spend.

I don’t believe this is decreasing any time soon, so if you’re in business and you’ve not invested in some kind of online advertising yet. I hope this is convincing enough to encourage you that you must, and soon.

Happy 1st of December!

The countdown is on, Christmas is fast approaching and I for one can’t wait. There will be no chocolate calender this year as I am officially slimming down. Well, that’s the plan. It’s merely a cut back wherever possible to make room for all the yummy Christmas food that I plan on accumulating at every Christmas party.

Today marks the first of those Christmas parties, with The Communications Christmas Party held at a very swanky club in the heart of our beautiful city.

Before all the partying can begin, it’s time to get back to my world of copy, meetings, and research – I’m looking into PPC today for what I hope will serve as very interesting blog.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks, since kicking off The Social Exchange blog. Lots to update you on, stories to interest you. Make sure you click follow so you don’t miss out!