Work with purpose

To work with purpose is to know that what you do has a larger meaning than to simply provide the means to an end. At the same time, it’s important to maintain balance and know that even Henry Ford, the founder of Ford motor company, worked as an engineer for Edison Illuminating Company of DetroitContinue reading “Work with purpose”

Understanding why

What’s the why behind your life, work, career, business? We can solve 99% of our problems when we understand the purpose behind that area, relationship etc. Why’s are so important – They run deeper than reason, and any of it’s associated interrogatives. They keep us grounded when the who, what, where and when’s in lifeContinue reading “Understanding why”

Taking time to avoid burning out.

I don’t know about you, or where you sit in life, but the world I see seems to have gone on this speedy travelator that people find hard to stop. Caught in a trap of never being satisfied, always comparing themselves to others, and disconcertingly transforming ourselves into digital avatars; and at the same time loosing touch withContinue reading “Taking time to avoid burning out.”