Quit building a bookcase, and start reading

How many of us have a book shelve, or case full of books we never read! Having knowledge sit on a shelf is pointless unless we pick up the book and read. Make a decision to invest in your business, craft, or more importantly, yourself. We are as good as our next thought, and whereContinue reading “Quit building a bookcase, and start reading”

The Gardener knows…

Have you ever watched the process of a gardener as he plants his seed? The gardener understands that in order for a seed to produce a harvest, it must first grow down, before it shoots up. This is the picture of what a dream looks like, and in fact this can be applied to manyContinue reading “The Gardener knows…”

Having big hope and big faith requires more than our emotions

Isn’t it funny how we can have the best of days, and the toughest days all at the same time? Every day is a battle right now, and I would like to be real enough to say that tonight my emotions are not in the mood. I talk about believing, having faith, and thinking positiveContinue reading “Having big hope and big faith requires more than our emotions”