Quit building a bookcase, and start reading

How many of us have a book shelve, or case full of books we never read! Having knowledge sit on a shelf is pointless unless we pick up the book and read. Make a decision to invest in your business, craft, or more importantly, yourself. We are as good as our next thought, and where you sit in life matters.

We can buy all the books in the world, but if we never read them we gain nothing but a collection of paper, or a clogged up desktop, true?

There are a lot of books I could recommend, but if I were to suggest one for every business today it would have to be The Dip, by Seth Godin. Learning to quit and say no will set you up to achieve the vision for your brand, the success for your business, career and family life.


The Gardener knows…

Have you ever watched the process of a gardener as he plants his seed?

The gardener understands that in order for a seed to produce a harvest, it must first grow down, before it shoots up. This is the picture of what a dream looks like, and in fact this can be applied to many situations, work, life, relationships.

In order for something to grow, and become a reality in our lives there is a process. Often this process can go in the complete opposite direction than we hoped it would, but understand this:

“Just because something looks impossible, doesn’t mean it is impossible.”

Our perception can trick us if we only look at the moment we inserted the seed, and return when it is fully grown.

There will be businesses that flourish faster than others, in the same way there will be careers and lives, which seem to accelerate beyond you at times, but don’t compare. Appearances can be deceiving. Just keep running your own race, and understand that there is a process for everyone…

Having big hope and big faith requires more than our emotions

Isn’t it funny how we can have the best of days, and the toughest days all at the same time?

Every day is a battle right now, and I would like to be real enough to say that tonight my emotions are not in the mood.

I talk about believing, having faith, and thinking positive in every area of life; and whilst I truly believe in this with all my heart. The truth is we are human beings at the end of the day, our emotions can sometimes get in the way.

To my understanding there are two ways we can choose to live our lives:

1. Choose to live a life by our feelings, for ourselves, caught up in the web of materialism.

2. Or we can choose to live a life bigger than ourselves, and embark on a journey that doesn’t just seek to gain for themselves, but to gain (having impact) for their families, and the lives of others.

The truth is that if we should choose to live by the second option… It is flipping hard, and really does require us to sit down, and count the cost. Although I personally choose the second that doesn’t mean I won’t feel the way I do this evening, which is frustrated by the unknown.

What do you do when you see that dream, or desire happen for other people, and yet for you things seem to remain in the distance? I guess it comes down to two things: Are you willing to remove those high expectations we can often place on ourselves, and are we willing to persevere and believe anyway?

Well, no!!! Not tonight!! But I’m sure in the morning I’ll feel different. lol

Please understand this is just a moment of realness, and (humour) whilst I could have easily refrained from sharing this. It would be unrealistic if you read my blog often enough, to say that doing the right thing feels good on every occasion. It really doesn’t, but what I do believe (and shall encourage myself with) is that good things come to those who wait… Timing is everything.

Living in a fast food generation, you can at least imagine how much of a challenge this can be. Thank the Lord these are only moments, which will pass; and when I wake tomorrow I will have enough faith to pick myself up and believe again.


“We really can do the right thing, think the right thing, and believe in the right thing, even when it still feels wrong!” Joyce Meyers

“The best is yet to come.” Brian Houston

“Let us not lose heart!”