Dear Google…

I  love your new Ad for Google Drive…

Thank you for the opportunity, but I would kindly like to reject your offer to join Google Drive right away, as I do not wish to surrender ownership of my files to yo at this present time. You may well want to sell them on to other companies, in an innocent fashion, but I’d rather hold on to the small slice of ownership I have left, concerning the net.

Despite my lack of excitement to sign over another portion of my own personal business. I would like to commend you for the good work you are doing on the matter of SEO – as you “take another step to reward high-quality sites“, by changing your algorithm… again. At least it’s for a good cause; and you’re a tad better at communicating changes than Facebook – Who are also making important changes to their fan pages, again.

Yours faithfully,

Google User

Honest really is the best policy

If your thinking about investing in digital media this year, then by all means go for it. Just make sure you’ve done your research and explored every avenue before choosing your route.

Honest really is the best policy. So make sure you partner with someone who can back up what they say they can do. It really is unfortunate that there will be people out there who will happily take your money and run, or rip of your work at the drop of a hat. Not all of them, but there are a few.

Make sure you do your research before you enter into a contract. If you’re not up to speed with the land of digital marketing, then take your time and get there. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions until you understand.

The good news is… Googles January update, which was announced in a post, on the Insights blog on Friday. Will now make life extremely hard for anyone who doesn’t follow the correct processes. For more information on that, click here.

Online spend continues to out grow traditional print advertising

If you weren’t already convinced before, then be convinced now as one of the latest reports released by eMarketer has confirmed a significant growth in online advertising in the US, by as much as 23% up from last year.

The marketing research group forecast online advertising spend this year will bring a noteworthy £25.5 million, in comparison to the traditional print industry, expected to haul in £21.8 million. This shows a remarkable growth in the online spend. The new trend is expected to continue to grow steadily over the next 10 years.

In the UK, spend on the Internet and Search Internet went up by 14.9%, according to reports from IPA Bellwether Report.

In comparison, there was also a measured decline of around 1.2% in marketing budgets spent on traditional media. The drop may seem small, but author of the report commented;

“There are signs that companies have become increasingly reluctant to invest in traditional media campaigns, instead diverting money towards the internet.”

The report, which concluded its survey from 300 UK media and marketing executives suggested after further study, the increase in spend was a move to protect their market share, and nothing to do with consumer confidence.

When the IBA, (Internet Advertising Bureau) highlights that British consumers are spending 25% of their time on social media; it’s hard not to believe that this is real reason media companies are increasing their online advertising spend. We don’t just ‘hang out’ online, we buy online.

Lets not forget the digital driven world we now live in, where almost every face you pass in the street is glued their smart phone. Econsultancy announced in their blog today that mobile accounted for 12% paid search clicks in the UK during the month of December. Spend share of mobile and table devices for that month  rose by 29% claiming a 7.5% share of total search spend.

I don’t believe this is decreasing any time soon, so if you’re in business and you’ve not invested in some kind of online advertising yet. I hope this is convincing enough to encourage you that you must, and soon.

Are you teachable?

Having a teachable spirit in life is something we should all have, or aspire to. Whether your the CEO of a company, a shop floor manager, or a mechanic; whatever your vocation. If we are not willing to be taught, or to be corrected then the question we really ought to be asking ourselves is, what are we doing in 2012?

It’s no secret times are changing, technology is speeding up and connection is growing. This is no time to get stubborn, or be set in your ways, or to be so rigid in the way that we operate that we are unwilling to accept anything, or anyone that doesn’t fit our mould (ie. old mindset). We must be prepared in 2012 to open our minds, consider the possibility of another option, process, or idea. I’ll ask again; are you teachable?