Boost your business with Facebook review

Last week, I had the privilege of attending an afternoon event with Facebook & Instagram on how to boost your business using Facebook and Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few snapshots and thoughts that stood out from the day.

We had some free coffee! Big thank you to the the lovely guys over a @pactcoffee and the Instagram team for that. There was cake too! I may eaten a few of those.. cringe! Oh well, back to the gym on Monday! 🙂

We heard from Olly Sewell, SMB manager for Facebook UK and Ireland. 

Tanya Beckett did a fabulous job hosting the event and below are three of the entrepreneurs that gave testimony of their success using Facebook. I thought Tricia Cusden was by far the most interesting story on the panel with her make up brand Look Fabulous Forever.

They also gave delegates the opportunity to screen print an Instagram photo of their choice. I choose to have my own brand logo, Frame Your World, which is a new range of inspiring lifestyle products that I am launching this summer.

So I know I’ve rambled on about my experience of the event itself, but from a business perspective it really is the best way to go with advertising and connecting to your target market.

I am particularly impressed by the developments of Instagram as the iconic vintage logo has now been officially facebooked! Yes, grammar police I just did that. With a new white background and a brand new logo, which doesn’t seem to have hit it off with the majority of those attend the event the powers that be defended the move as important to fit in with the Facebook brand. Fair enough! I think change is a process and we will all love the new logo in no time. I’ve got used to it already! I did however find myself reminiscing to the moment I first used Instagram and the Polaroid background that showcased my instant snaps. Ah how times have changed…

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 23.36.39

I was rather expected by the mention of rolling out an analytical side to Instagram for business as the relatively new ad platform continues to get into its stride. Instagram is by far one of the hottest channels right now with 400 million active users.

As you all know this is my favourite channel, but incase you need another reason to be on Instagram than its connected to the market leader of social networking. A pictures speaks a 1000 words, and is a universal language. Isn’t that something? I think so.

3 top tips on producing creative content for Instagram

1. Build your content with stories and facts in mind – people remember these things.

2. Be consistent – branded content over time my brand will build. Make sure you have a clear direction, colour scheme, theme and purpose behind every post you publish.

3. Thumpstopping content – when people are sliding through make a quick impact to catch people’s eye. Research from MIT suggest that you have 3 seconds to capture people’s attention, so don’t wait till the end of your add to present the diamond to your customer. Our culture is changing once again, so it’s time to get clear the etch a sketch board and start thinking mobile.

If you need some more reasons, then check out my last post on 3 reasons why you should be on Instagram.

I honestly believe that if you want to be savvy in building and growing your business then you really should consider testify out the Facebook or Instagram ad’s. Besides the menial fact that Facebook ad targeting has a reach of 6.5 billion every month. It’s one of the most targeted and cost efficient way to reach your customer in a very noisy marketplace.

3 quick tips on getting started with Facebook Ad Manager

1. Know your goal – what do you want to get from it? Be aware that a share is much more valuable than a like, and content that is mobile friendly and video will have the greatest reach and impact.

2. Know your audience – you need to know specifics of your target market to get the most out of your campaign

3. Set aside some time aside and log onto Blueprint – Facebook have provided a great resource for help you no matter what level you are starting from that will fully equip you with what you need to know about creating ads.

Start lean, and keep them keen.

This should be the statement and attitude of all start-up business. Borrowing money, paying for leads, paying to sit and have a coffee with someone may work and be beneficial for some; however, to me this makes no sense at all.

Surely we ‘business owners’ want to be adding value and not subtracting it; and the best way to do this, is to add quality not quantity?

What do you think?


Hope v Faith

Two interesting words, with to very different meanings.

To hope is to be hopeful – To be hopeful that from a particular situation, event or relationship we or the thing that is hoped for will produce a desired result.

To have faith is to believe without having a full understanding or tangible sense that something is, or will be.

How do they relate to business, marketing or leadership?

Well… they’re also attitudes, and in this post I would like to refer to them as seeds. Whatever attitude we choose to take into a particular campaign, business or idea will inevitably produce fruit from the seeds of the attitude we plant.

You can’t plant an apple tree and expect to get oranges, so it’s important to take a moment to revaluate which of the two attitudes you take with you on your journey.

Sometimes we hold on for something that can be seen, but the truth is neither hoping, wishing or having faith enables us to fully see what lies ahead in any aspect of life. They are merely the rope swings in which to get us across a deep pool of unknown. Be careful, which rope you choose because only one of the three I’ve just mentioned will get you to the other side.

Have you figured it out yet?

Being yourself

I love that in the time short time I’ve been in the digital marketing industry, I’ve seen massive changes from being in a position where I was once inferior to the ‘powers that be,’ to actually having a voice and a pretty on point perspective of what actually works and doesn’t work.

Something that took the previous generations years to figure out, is being solved in a much shorter space of time – Given the extreme amounts of information that’s being downloaded every second, to the vast amount of connection that is taking place; not just locally, but globally.

The global part may not be news to you, but in the perspective of business marketing and digital marketing. This explains Google Panda, and Penguin, and to those who are not familiar with either of these. They relate to a bunch of guidelines, or boundaries that Google have put in place to stop black hat marketers cheat you out of your money, and sell you bad links, or anyone trying to cheat a game of fair play.

Although my marketing friends world would frown at me for saying this, but it’s true – And I for one think it’s a good thing. It’s good for everybody involved (generally)

It helps us the business owner choose a better fitting glove for our business when looking to partner with outside companies, etc. And it helps the consumer have a varied pallet to choose from – Hopefully giving them a better selection of genuine businesses.

What do I mean, by ‘genuine ‘ people who’re in business for all the right reasons, and not for a quick buck.

Oh yes, it goes that deep.