Don’t settle for less!

Well I am losing count of the number of cafes, and local businesses I have seen open up shop and a few months later they’re gone; and truth be told it makes me sad! In some respects I think the marketing and technology world combined is to blame for distracting the consumer away from aContinue reading “Don’t settle for less!”

Social Media, Kindness and Culture

So here’s an interesting debate for you. Could social media be used to change a culture? This was the question, and idea posed by Grant McCracken, in his article ‘Could a Social-Media Tool Increase Kindness.” In the article Grant uses Boston as his example. Speaking from his own experience, and in his own words: “IContinue reading “Social Media, Kindness and Culture”

Two core principles of social media for your business

We don’t expect a guy or girl to just jump straight into marriage, (at least most of us don’t) do we? So why would we then, expect anything different when it comes to business and more importantly social media. Consumers connect with brands they trust, love and enjoy – There is just way too manyContinue reading “Two core principles of social media for your business”

A simple social media recipe for every business

It’s lunchtime, and I can smell the beautiful aroma of home made soup brewing in the kitchen, next to my office. The beauty of this smell is that I recognize it from last week’s menu. It’s ham and lentil, made from homegrown vegetables, marinated with ham on the bone – My favourite. There is somethingContinue reading “A simple social media recipe for every business”

The Power Of An Idea

I love those lightbulb moments when all of a sudden, the penny drops. An idea has found its way into reality. Ideas are a powerful tool, and when you find someone who can produce great ideas, you really should hold on to them with dear life. When your faced with unemployment rates as high asContinue reading “The Power Of An Idea”