Social Media, Kindness and Culture

So here’s an interesting debate for you. Could social media be used to change a culture? This was the question, and idea posed by Grant McCracken, in his article ‘Could a Social-Media Tool Increase Kindness.” In the article Grant uses Boston as his example. Speaking from his own experience, and in his own words: “IContinue reading “Social Media, Kindness and Culture”

Two core principles of social media for your business

We don’t expect a guy or girl to just jump straight into marriage, (at least most of us don’t) do we? So why would we then, expect anything different when it comes to business and more importantly social media. Consumers connect with brands they trust, love and enjoy – There is just way too manyContinue reading “Two core principles of social media for your business”

The power to share

Never underestimate the power of one tweet! Like any relationship, our response and actions within certain situations can have a positive, or negative effect. In world of social media this does not change; excluding the level of exposure, of course. As scary, and as dangerous as this may seem too many, we must not loseContinue reading “The power to share”

Make yourself at home

Make yourself at home… In my culture, this is an endearing phrase used to welcome guests into ones home. I wonder how many British businesses in total have truly grasped this concept of making their consumer feel right at home? After all without the consumer, there is no business. It’s not enough to set upContinue reading “Make yourself at home”

Make it personal

I woke up to this beautiful video note from Starbucks today. Check it out: This is both a lesson, and an illustration on where business is going in 2012 and beyond. Watching this video left me with rather large smile across my face, and a refreshing sigh of relief that someone is catching on toContinue reading “Make it personal”

Having a big heart

    You may wonder why I’ve included this video in my blog today, I honestly believe that if we have heart and understanding for this message, our businesses, lives and social media marketing campaigns will flourish so much more. If you want to know the ROI in social media, it will be much moreContinue reading “Having a big heart”