Why you need to be on Snapchat

Have you been on either of these channels lately? They’re booming. It seems a lot of people think Snapchat is in trouble now that Instagram has introduced a face filter feature to Instagram stories. However, I beg to differ. And here’s why… The face feature on Instagram are limited, and they’re much less jazzy thanContinue reading “Why you need to be on Snapchat”

Why I love Pocket.

I’ve recently discovered a new app that has made saving webpages of interest 100 times easier to keep tabs on. What app, do I hear you say? No, it’s not WhatsApp. It’s a little magic gem called Pocket. Pocket is a fairly new app that allows you to save an article, or page of interestContinue reading “Why I love Pocket.”

Pinwheel: The latest pin on the block

Have you heard about Pinwheel yet? – The new way to find and leave notes all around the world?? I stumbled across this earlier today, and felt the burning desire to blog about it today. Pinwheel, which appears closely related to Pinterest, (and in fact has no relation) is the news venture of Caterina Fake;Continue reading “Pinwheel: The latest pin on the block”

The Privacy Issue

Given today’s main story focused on the blackout of wikipedia, and many other websites. I thought I’d take a difference approach to today’s blog and add a link to one of my previous articles on, The Myth about Privacy; which featured in The Urban Times online magazine, a few weeks ago. Just in case yourContinue reading “The Privacy Issue”

Have you used M Share yet?

M share is part of Mashables new social media stream M follow. M share allows you to share the stories that interest you the most, whilst ignoring the ones that don’t; across several different platforms at one time, with one button. The new social platform is all part of Mashable’s shift from the old editorContinue reading “Have you used M Share yet?”