People don’t have journals anymore, they have profiles

For anyone who says they don’t journal, I beg to differ. Over 800 billion people are active on Facebook, over 90 million users on Google+, which I imagine has taken a sharp rise since the announcement, Search Your World was made by Google, back in January; and lets not forget Twitters big news this week, as it reached its 500th million user mark on Wednesday.

We may not write in our traditional leather bound journals anymore, but we are recording every day via our timeline, twitter feed, sharing, liking, following and of course our SEO friend +1’s. All of which is taking place before we create a blog; or ‘online diary’ as they are often referred too. Everything we do, like, know, smell or touch today is being documented online via our computer, tablets, and or smartphones – and it’s not just the devices either, but the social platforms we participate in.

This can be a good thing, and it can also be a bad thing depending on who’s looking at it. The truth of the matter is we are all documenting more about our lives online today than ever before. Whether that information is being recorded by you, or by someone else about you or your company that’s a matter for another blog…

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It only takes one.

If your business is experience is difficulties, or you feel you’ve exhausted every avenue for funding, marketing ideas.

Working in social media, with a particular interest in viral marketing; I understand that the number of video’s that go viral on something like YouTube, or Vimeo, are significantly smaller than the amount of videos produced collectively.

However; if social media strategists, or marketers just looked at this fact and decided what’s the point, we may as well give up now. Then those few significant video’s may not even exist.

It only takes one. When one domino falls and hits the second domino, the pattern continues till the whole pack falls.

It only takes one customer, to tell another customer, who tells another customer about your latest product, or campaign that sparks interest and in turn brings success.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so dismissive of that one client, an remember that it only takes one.