Here are just a few of the testimonials I received from those who have worked with me over the years.

“Leanne MacDuff is an incredibly organized, creative, and adaptive social media marketer. Her insights into campaigns consistently raise them and her teammates to a higher level. When trying to craft a stronger, more consistent, and intelligent social media strategy for Oxford University Press’s social media channels, Leanne worked with me to analyze what had been happening over the past year, how we could improve upon already excellent social channels, including the OUPblog, and lead training for the U.K. based marketers across the trade/academic division. I couldn’t have affected the kind of organizational change across global social media and audience engagement without Leanne’s help. She was and is indispensable.” Sarah, Global publicist and social media manager, Oxford University Press.

“Leanne is very creative and came up with amazing, visually stunning content for Acas’ social media channels. She is extremely proficient with photoshop and created bespoke Acas branded images that received excellent engagement on facebook and twitter.” Shumon, Senior Media and Public Relations Manager, Acas.

“I really enjoyed the workshop a few weeks ago and found it very helpful and interesting. I felt that the content was pitched just right, especially for my needs…”

“Leanne is a true professional and a delight to work with. She is focused and dedicated to getting the best results and has experience across lots of different marketing disciplines although social media is where her depth of knowledge and dedication to her craft truly shines. Alongside all of her skills and professionalism, Leanne is also incredibly supportive of others and is always looking for how we can improve collectively. This is a great outlook to have in a business and I can recommend her whole-heartedly.” Lauren, Marketing Leader, Oxford University Press.

“I’ve been working with Leanne for six months now and already the insights and experience I have gained are proving invaluable. Leanne is an excellent communicator and a committed strategist. Learning from her has made a significant difference in how I approach marketing for my own business. Luipa, Virtual Assistant, LVS Ltd.

“Leanne is passionate about social media and new projects. Leanne makes her advice clear, presents the best options available and strikes a good balance between creative and whats important. I would have no hesitation recommending Leanne to others.” Ewan, Global Brand Ambassador, Crucial Drinks.

“Leanne was great to work with, and clearly passionate with everything she does. Originally brought into to blog, her role within the company quickly grew to lead in the area of social media and copywriting. Leanne had lots of great ideas to contribute and help move both our company, clients and team forward. She was always willing to answer, or lend a hand where help was needed. She was a well liked and valued member of our team – Her vast knowledge and ability to communicate across many levels is a great tribute of her many skills and talent.” Ratna, Senior Technology Director, Swish Digital.

“It was great and really inspired me to get my act together with my own social media presence.”

“Its been great having the opportunity to find out so many new information about social media.”

 “I can say that I finally understand how important Social Media is. I always knew that the internet has a huge influence in peoples life, but I didn’t know how to use it for my business. I’ve learned now how to use social Media for my business, and it’s amazing how my business has grown over the past few days.”

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